911 Audio from moments after Akai Gurley shooting

911 audio from moments after the police shooting of Akai Gurley by officer Peter Liang at the Pink Houses in Brooklyn. Melissa Butler can be heard describing the scene and given instructions to help.

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Flint Water Crisis

The Flint Water Crisis (2014- ) is where Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan knowingly poisoned children, causing permanent brain damage in up to 8,000, two-thirds of them Black. The US government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knew the water was unsafe – and did nothing.


Flint, a city 100 km north-west of Detroit, is the birthplace of General Motors. In the 1980s, GM started shutting down its factories there, throwing 75,000 people out of work. Flint lost 50% of its people and 75% of its tax base. Of those who remain, 40% live in poverty.


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No Charges For Denver Police Officers In Jail Death Of #MichaelMarshall

The Denver District Attorney will not charge the police officers involved in the death of a mentally ill man named Michael Lee Marshall.


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Appalling Video Shows Cowardly Cop Taser a Non-Violent 74-Year-old Man, Leading to His Death

Deming, NM — 74-year-old Roger Charlet recently died in a hospital just a week after police used a taser on him during a traffic stop. On January 4th, Charlet was pulled over by police on Interstate 10 and was accused of being drunk. He was quickly ripped from his car and tased without being given any chance to comply and leave willingly. Police claim that he was “resisting arrest,” however, the video clearly shows that he was not a threat and had no chance of getting away.


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Andy Lopez’ family can proceed with lawsuit against Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy, judge rules

The family of 13-year-old Andy Lopez, who was shot and killed by a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy in 2013 while carrying an airsoft BB gun, can take their wrongful death lawsuit to trial, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

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For all the women still seeking justice, #SayHerName

For all the women still seeking justice, #SayHerName