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Oppression Monitor is your resource to monitor and stop all things oppressive.  This site focuses on systemic oppression and abuse of power.  Oppression monitor follows in the footsteps of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch, and Hate Map; and follows work like DROP THE I-WORD from COLORLINES / RACE FORWARD.

We document the problems of the U.S. culture of violence, and male aggression. Yes, other countries are violent and women can be violent. However, men and the U.S. tend to hold more power and be in positions to abuse their power more frequently.

By documenting the problems, it clarifies how frequent and systemic the problems are and describes the problems to those who live segregated from the problems and are unaware of how much abuse occurs in communities outside of their own.

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Oppression Monitor founded by @getgln founder of #LatinosAreHuman and Community Village

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  1. Is there a reason why the radio show of the Smiley and West Show of September, 2014 featuring Jose Cha-Cha Jimenez, founder of the Young Lords is being censored and was taken off the air?

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