Taxpayers Shell Out $100K to Parents After School Cop Tased 14yo Daughter for No Reason

Allentown, PA – The family of a teenage girl was recently granted a $100,000 settlement from their local police department after an officer used his stun gun on the girl for no reason. The incident occurred in 2011, when the girl was 14-years-old while she was attending Dieruff High School.


The settlement was to prevent the family from moving forward with a federal civil rights lawsuit which accused Jason Ammary of using excessive force on the young girl.


According to court documents, the officer was ordering students to clear a street near the school on the day of the attack, but apparently the victim, Keshana Wilson, was not moving fast enough. So, Ammary grabbed her arm from behind and pushed her against a parked car when she instinctively pulled away from him.

As she struggled to get away, Ammary fired his taser directly at her and she collapsed onto the street.


The entire attack was documented by the school’s security cameras, and even the police department could not defend the actions of the officer when the recordings were made public
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