Cop Threatens Charges If Man ‘Posts Video On YouTube,’ Man Posts Video On YouTube

“If I See You Post This On YouTube, I’ll Find A Way For The D.A.’s Office To Arrest You” Chris | InformationLiberation A camera-shy New York State trooper threatened to “find a way” to arrest a man if he posted video of the officer conducting a routine traffic stop to YouTube. Predictably, the video was…



Note: Since we have the right to remain silent, we can always ask if we are being detained. If we are not being detained, we can ask if we are free to go.


Slavery and the Prison Industrial Complex – Angela Davis | 2003



Speaker: Angela Davis, Professor in History of Consciousness and Chair of Women’s Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz



Social Psychologist Jennifer L. Eberhardt, 2014 MacArthur Fellow, describes her research into racial bias [VIDEO]


Social Psychologist Jennifer L. Eberhardt is investigating the subtle, complex, largely unconscious yet deeply ingrained ways that individuals racially code and categorize people and the far-reaching consequences of stereotypic associations between race and crime.

The MacArthur Fellowship is a $625,000, no-strings-attached grant for individuals who have shown exceptional creativity in their work and the promise to do more. Learn more at



Mike Brown EyeWitness Crime Scene Video Ferguson, MO [VIDEO]


This is among the earliest video shot of Mike Brown laying dead on the street after being gunned down.According to the videographer, Brown was gunned down just before filming. Voices on the video highlight that Brown had no weapon, and had his hands in the air when shot.

Residents are heard around the 1:00 mark explaining the chain of events and clearly state that Michael Brown was unarmed and not fighting with police when he was shot.

Note how the Ferguson PD do nothing to give Brown aid or even to secure his body at the scene beyond roping off the general area. Note the nonchalant behavior of the PD as Brown lays dead.

At the 3:00 mark, a man appearing to be either Michael Brown’s father or his uncle runs to the scene but is stopped by the PD.

While this video is only 10 minutes long, eye witnesses and reporters have stated that Brown’s body wasn’t moved for 4 hours. Other video clearly taken after this one show Brown’s still on the ground.

This video along with other facts coming to light disprove the Ferguson PD’s initial claims of Michael Brown being armed as there are no weapons at the scene in this video and no officer is scene doing anything to document evidence, or interview witnesses who are heard throughout the video recounting the events in disbelief. There is no CSI on the scene to examine the body or crime scene.

It’s as if the Ferguson PD on the scene had already made up their minds as to what happened and what story they were going to go with regardless of the facts or the truth.




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Ex-BET Host Takes Stand On Immigration


The former host of ‘106th + Park’, Rocsi Diaz, is making her directorial debut in “The Secrets of Strangers,” a public service announcement that chronicles undocumented immigrants who share their illegal status with American strangers.

It is the first to premiere from a three part Youtube series launched by, a nonprofit organization, that’s celebrating this June as the first annual Immigrant Heritage Month. 
seeks to inspire Americans to share their stories of how their personal or their family stories of immigrating into the country.



Asians in the Library

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“Asians in the Library” (2011) is a YouTube video, a three-minute racist rant against Asians made by Alexandra Wallace (pictured), a White American student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). It came right after a tsunami had killed 10,000 people in Japan. Three years later it is still the top suggested completion for “Asians” on Google.

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Moving The Race Conversation Forward…

Moving the Race Conversation Forward is a report by Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation that aims to reshape and reform the way we talk about race and racism in our country. The paper includes content analysis of mainstream media (finding two-thirds of race-focused media coverage fails to consider systemic racism), analysis of seven harmful racial discourse practices, and case studies of successful interventions to counteract these trends.

The accompanying video, produced by Jay Smooth, expands in an accessible way on the report’s analysis of media’s failure to consider systemic racism. Smooth is the founder of New York’s longest running hip-hop radio show, WBAI’s Underground Railroad, and Race Forward Video & Multimedia Producer.”
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▶ Minority students get harsher punishment in school – YouTube


“The Departments of Education and Justice together issued new guidance on Wednesday to help public schools administer student discipline without discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin. Data shows that students of color face harsher punishments for committing the same actions as their white peers.”

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