What is White Supremacy?

What is White Supremacy?






White supremacy in the U.S.

White supremacy in the U.S.










Jerry Hough

Jerry Hough (1935- ) is an American political scientist, a professor at Duke University. About to retire, he is no longer holding his tongue on his racist views.


Continue reading, if you want to understand how the doctrine of White Supremacy, ethnocentrism and racism is spread through academia.


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settler colonialism


Settler colonialism is the process where a country or people creates an offshoot of itself in a new land. Countries like the United States, Australia, Liberia and Israel were created by settler colonialism. Countries like Haiti, Nigeria and Iraq, on the other hand, were created by extractive colonialism.

Settler colonialism, says Andrea Smith, is one of the three pillars of White supremacy in the US, the other two being anti-Black racism and Orientalism.

In extractive colonialism
 there are two main parts:

  • metropole – the country that rules an empire;
  • periphery – the countries it has power over.

Metropolitans extract wealth from the native peoples and lands of the periphery. Wealth flows from the periphery to the metropole. Metropolitans may work for a time in the periphery – as soldiers, slave traders, priests or plantation owners, for example – but consider the metropole their homeland.

In settler colonialism
 a third element is added: settlers. They move from the metropole to the periphery to create a new homeland. The Pilgrims are a good example. In the long run they cause trouble for both natives and the metropole as they gain land, wealth and sovereignty.

Settlers and natives:
 Settlers are not mainly interested in ruling over natives or joining their society or even in making them slaves. They want their land and therefore want them to disappear by any means necessary, even genocide. To replace natives they bring in:

Cheap labour:
 Convicts, slaves, refugees, immigrants, contract labourers, etc. These people serve settler society, becoming part of it in time, sometimes a racialized part. Unlike settlers, they do not create homelands of their own. Sometimes they are forced out.


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White Supremacy Real Or Imagined


I have asked myself this question since I lived through and felt the indignity of Jim Crow. How can the minority people of the world have so much control over every other culture on the planet? I had to explain to my grandson, when he asked me why black people are called “minority.” He went on to say, he did a Goggle Search and found that white people are, and he said, “in fact are the minority people of the world!” When I was twelve, I had no idea this was a fact nor ever thought about it. Nonetheless, I told him it was because of White Supremacy.

His next question was – what does that mean?


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Dr. Martin Luther Kings called it the ‘doctrine of white supremacy’.

When using the word phrase ‘white supremacy’, I add the word ‘doctrine’ to the front to be clear that it’s a way of thinking.

I also like to remind people that Black people created White people, and Black people created all people.


SPLC report: Users of leading white supremacist web forum responsible for many deadly hate crimes, mass killings

wade_page_web_storyNearly 100 people in the last five years have been murdered by active users of the leading racist website, Stormfront, according to a report released today by the SPLC’s Intelligence Project.

See on www.splcenter.org

The Model Minority is a Lever of White Supremacy


“According to the myth we’re also less prone to criminality, more family-oriented, harder working, less egocentric, more cooperative, and less mouthy, making us ideal employees. That is, of course, as long as we don’t aspire to management. Lei Lai, an assistant professor at Tulane University, found that Asian Americans have the lowest probability of promotion to managerial positions among all non-whites, and in part for being stereotyped as having some of the same characteristics – being quiet and unassertive, among others – that lead many to call us model minorities, begging the question, is the model for the racial minorities America wants just submissive, put up or shut up robots?

So let’s cut through some of the fairy dust here. Asian Americans do have higher median family incomes than all others by race. However, that’s because Asian American families tend to include more incomes. Our per capita incomes still lag behind that of whites. Asian Americans also tend to be clustered in coastal cities where median incomes are higher, skewing that statistic even further. Even the supposed higher than average educational attainment level of Asians doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny. When it comes to the percentage of adults without high school diplomas, the Hmong, Chinese, Laotians, Vietnamese, and Cambodians in the U.S. all exceed the national average of 19.6%, with the Hmong on the extreme end of disadvantage at 59.6%

The reality is that very little unites Asians other than the fact that non-Asians have decided we are a race, and an often hated one, and have treated us as such, whether we like it or not.

The myth provides a smokescreen for one of the most fundamental contradictions of U.S. democracy – our ideal of liberty and equal rights, and our history of slavery and enduring legacy of white supremacy – and allows our policy makers to avoid the systemic reforms that are necessary to address that contradiction.”



Community Village‘s insight:


Loving racial justice brings us to uncover the propaganda (the comparing and judging of some races against other races) that feeds racism.


See on www.racefiles.com

Unintentional Racism

Unintentional racism starts with unconscious bias.

Accidental-Racism-2Unconscious bias

Psychologists tell us that our unconscious biases are simply our natural people preferences.  Biologically we are hard-wired to prefer people who look like us, sound like us and share our interests. Social psychologists call this phenomenon “social categorisation‟ whereby we routinely and rapidly sort people into groups. This preference bypasses our normal, rational and logical thinking. We use these processes very effectively (we call it intuition) but the categories we use to sort people are not logical, modern or perhaps even legal. Put simply, our neurology takes us to the very brink of bias and poor decision making. –Tinu Cornish and Dr Pete Jones

To learn more check Understanding Unconscious Bias and Unintentional Racism

This clip features Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo, Rinku Sen, Suzanne LePeintre, Tilman Smith, Tim Wise, Robin Parker, and Yuko Kodama.

Jump to 5:02 for the full story on the shooting of Amadou Diallo (age 23), which reminds me of the shootings of Jonathan Ferrell (age 24), Oscar Grant (age 22), Jordan Davis (age 17), and Trayvon Martin (age 17) – all unarmed Black men.

“In The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. DuBois suggested that the question white people so often want to ask black people is, How does it feel to be a problem? This program turns the tables and recognizes some simple facts: Race problems have their roots in a system of white supremacy. White people invented white supremacy. Therefore, the color of the race problem is white. White people are the problem. White people have to ask ourselves: How does it feel to be a problem?

Individuals need to become less focused on feeling very tolerant and good about themselves and more focused on examining their own biases. -Jean Moule