Whites live a fantasy of innocence, create death and destruction for people of color

White innocence constitutes the crime. It is how whites tend to think, speak and act as if we play no role in the racial conflict that is largely of our making and responsibility.

As Jennifer L. Pierce argues in Racing for Innocence: Whiteness, Gender, and the Backlash Against Affirmative Action, whites tell a story about ourselves that disavows any accountability for racism. White denial of responsibility, including how we are socialized into a racist society, is rooted in the American myth that we as a white nation are an exception and exceptional. This myth, of course, whitewashes history, forgetting a history of genocide of first American peoples and how our capitalist system is built on slavery and racism.

Pierce further explains that the myth of white innocence thrives within the American liberal myth of the unencumbered individual. Whites live as if we are innocent until proven guilty; we assume every individual is treated fairly and respectfully.

The story of innocence we tell ourselves renders the most basic questioning of white privilege and systemic racism invisible for critical reflection.

It is not only that whites tend to live by the myth of American innocence, but we also live by a fantasy of Christian innocence.

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Woman thinks her White privilege can let her tell another mother to ‘go to hell’ – then gets beat down in parking lot

A woman was punched in the face after telling a mother to ‘go to hell’. Affiliate KPIX reports.

Source: www.cnn.com

CNN tries to twist this story and make it about the screaming child. 

This story is about a young white girl who thinks she has the right to tell another adult how to deal with their child, and who thinks she can tell another adult to ‘go to hell’ and not get a beat down. 

PS – the oppressor is the White woman who thinks she can talk down to another mom. The beat down is instant justice. 

A CNN Lawyer Has Had Enough With Her Ignorant Co-Host. She Tells It EXACTLY How It Is.

This is somehow both shocking and unsurprising.

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White people are always saying it’s not about race.


They have no proof that it’s not about race.


I think it clearly IS about race.


I been given a FREE PASS as a white person when dealing with the police. And even more so during a stop when he saw my daughter in the back seat.


Why White Supremacy Isn’t Just About Burning Crosses


J. Rudy Flesher is disappointed that his fellow White Americans won’t acknowledge the pattern of unarmed black men killed by police.


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I see the doctrine of White Supremacy in the lack of diversity in white communities.


It goes so far as many White people do not even have a virtual friend of color (on social media).


And if you ask a white person who their favorite author of color is how many will have an answer?


These are serious problems America.


Cop buys mom car seat instead of ticket – CNN Video


A Michigan police officer buys a needy mom a booster seat instead of issuing her a ticket. WXMI has more.

Source: www.cnn.com




This is not how people in the community of Ferguson are treated.


I’m calling out White privilege.


If this mom was not white is would go like this:


  1. Child Protective Services would take her child away.
  2. Mom would be ticketed for the infraction.
  3. Mom would not have money to pay ticket.
  4. Warrant for arrest of mom is issued.
  5. Mom is stopped for looking suspicious.
  6. Cop runs mom’s id and finds there is a warrant out for her un-paid fines.
  7. Mom is incarcerated until she can be bailed out.
  8. If she is ever released from jail she is billed for her food, housing and administrative costs.
Did you hear the words ‘tough on crime’ in this story? No.
Did you hear the words child endangerment? No.
I’m calling out double standards, hypocrisy and racism in the U.S. police force.

Not White Privilege – Oppression of the Black and of the Poor


Bill O’Reilly brought Megyn Kelly on his Monday show to have a discussion about the concept of “white privilege.” He asked Kelly if she believed it was real.

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Source: www.huffingtonpost.com


O’Reilly says that culture is the issue.


The issue is the culture of the privileged classes oppressing people of color and the poor.


Both O’Reilly and Kelly never mention oppression, racism and poverty.


The Huffpost article talks about this being a conversation about ‘white privilege’, but then Kelly goes on to quote statistics caused by lack of wealth, opportunity, oppression and racism.


White privilege is about whites getting the benefit of the doubt while people of color are thought to be guilty at the slightest perceived possible misstep.


White privilege is not about opportunities through wealth. That would be called ‘wealth privilege’.


O’Reilly and Kelly need to go back to school.


They can start by reading Peggy McIntosh’s  ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack’


White Privilege – explained another way

Two pictures of racial tensions in the US, taken 50 years apart.

The challenge with white privilege is that most white people cannot see it. We assume that the experiences and opportunities afforded to us are the same afforded to others. Sadly, this simply isn’t true. Privileged people can fall into the trap of universalizing experiences and laying them across other people’s experiences as an interpretive lens…



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