Cops now threatening White people

The Mayor and City Manager in Rohnert Park, California say they are investigating an incident where an unidentified officer drew his gun on a man recording him.

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Cops now threatening White people by gun #BlackLivesMatter is #AllLivesMatter listening?

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To understand Mixed American Live it helps to understand what it means to be White.




Eric Garner’s children speak to Katie Couric in exclusive interview [VIDEO]


Comment by Glenn Robinson


Eric Garner’s children are asking the good cops to speak out about the abusive cops.




In addition to good cops speaking out about the abusive cops, I’m asking all White people – if you see a cop interacting with anyone, especially a Black or Latino person – PLEASE get your body over there and calm down any abusive situation you see.


A cop is more reluctant to hit, choke, or shoot a White person, so if the situation calls for it PUT YOUR BODY BETWEEN THE OFFICER AND THE BLACK, OR LATINO PERSON.


If you know history, and you watch the news, you know that unarmed Black and Latino men are being murdered by our police force.


To stop the violence White people MUST ACT.




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