The War on Drugs

War on Drugs is War on People

War on Drugs is War on People

The marijuana industry’s war on the poor

The marijuana industry’s war on the poor

The way drugs are classified tells you all you need to know about the War on Drugs

— Business Insider (@businessinsider) May 21, 2016

Bigger Than Incarceration: Angela Davis Talks Mass Criminalization, Mental Health and the War on Drugs – The Root

— Brian Chad Starks (@bchadphd) May 14, 2016

The marijuana industry’s war on the poor | Getty

— POLITICO (@politico) May 23, 2016

#WarOnDrugs  #CJReform Tweets 8.4

#WarOnDrugs #CJReform Tweets 8.4

#ImmigrationReform #Femicides Tweets 7.20

#ImmigrationReform #Femicides Tweets 7.20

Federal Judge Admits Drug War Is Tearing The Country Apart, Regrets 80% Of Rulings

“This is a war that I saw destroy lives.” A Federal Judge has become aware to the brutal reality that is kidnapping, caging and killing people for their personal choice. She is taking action to reverse it.

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Florida Man Dies In Police Custody After Cops turn Away the Ambulance

A Florida man died in police custody this week after police shocked him with a Taser, despite being made aware repeatedly of his medical conditions.


The war on drugs is a war on people.


Drug cops converge on Georgia man’s property after spotting … okra

A Cartersville, Georgia, man is unhappy that police conducted a “raid” after mistaking his okra plants for cannabis.



Here is our U.S. tax dollars doing the War on Drugs.


The War on Drugs is a war on people.



Release Us: A Powerful Short Film on Police Brutality


500 innocent Americans are murdered by police every year (USDOJ). 5,000 since 9/11, equal to the number of US soldiers lost in Iraq.

In 1994 the US Government passed a law authorizing the Pentagon to donate surplus Cold War era military equipment to local police departments.

In the 20 years since, weaponry designed for use on a foreign battlefield, has been handed over for use on American streets…against American citizens.

The “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terror” replaced the Cold War with billions in funding and dozens of laws geared towards this new “war” against its own citizens.

This militarization of the police force has created what is being called an “epidemic of police brutality” sweeping the nation.


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