Today should have been Trayvon Martin’s 23rd birthday. We will never stop saying his name.

Today should have been Trayvon Martin’s 23rd birthday. We will never stop saying his name.

“Suspicion Nation” – Addressing the Critics; Re: The Gun


“Lisa Bloom writes in her book,


“On a very dark, rainy night, Trayvon saw through Zimmerman’s body to a gun holstered behind him, concealed inside his pants?  Did Trayvon have X-ray vision?”


“What shocked me most of all was that the prosecution had failed raise this point at trial.  Not in the opening statement.  Not in the questioning of any of their witnesses.  Not in cross-examination of defense witnesses.”

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Trayvon Martin and the Nativity?


“What do baby Jesus and Trayvon Martin have in common?  Violence.  ”Jesus was born into a state of total vulnerability as an innocent unarmed child during a time of great violence much like Trayvon Martin… As a result, the original Christmas was a time of great grief and agony for many children and parents,” reads the sign posted near the artist John Zachary’s nativity scene.”

Trayvon Martin was shot through the heart

Trayvon Martin’s sweatshirt.  Source CNN


Community Village‘s insight:


I had tweeted that Trayvon Martin is our contemporary Jesus. Trayvon’s blood stained sweatshirt in the form of a cross with the bullet hole through the heart area is a powerful symbol of the war on Black and Brown youth, which is sold to U.S. culture as “getting tough on crime” and waging a “war on drugs”.

Trayvon Martin is a powerful symbol of Black and Brown youth being seen as criminals; being seen as guilty and stalked or stopped-n-frisked wherever they stand and wherever they walk. At what pace can a Black or Brown youth walk and not been seen as guilty?



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From Arizona To Florida, Stand Your Ground Ends In Manslaughter

Cordell Jude charged with 2nd degree murder, convicted of reckless manslaughter, in what is called a “reverse Trayvon Martin” case.


“Two cases, over 2300 miles apart – in Florida and Arizona – are in the web of situations involving stand your ground laws.”

Although this situation was different than the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case, in this “reverse” case, the darker “Stand your ground” Cordell Jude was convicted, where the lighter George Zimmerman was not.

A big difference however is that Cordell Jude said something like “I’m gonna get you”, or “kill you”, according to witnesses, where George Zimmerman didn’t say that.

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Jay-Z vs. George Zimmerman

“Rapper Jay Z, who attended last weekend’s “Justice For Trayvon” rally in New York City, has spoken out for the first time on the George Zimmerman verdict wi…

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