Sheriff Exposed as Liar by Fellow Cop in the Shooting of an Unarmed Down Syndrome Child

Palm Beach County, FL — A Florida sheriff has been exposed in a recent lawsuit for lying about one of his deputies who shot six times at an unarmed teenager.  The victim, Jeremy Hutton is a 17-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, who nearly lost his life after he was hit with three of those six rounds.



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#JeremyHutton #SayHisName

Cops Not Punished After Beating Innocent Child So Bad with Flashlight He’s Permanently Disabled

Grand Rapids, MI — Suffering permanent physical and mental damage after a Michigan police officer savagely beat his head bloody with a flashlight, an unarmed teen recently filed a federal lawsuit against the cops for violating his Fourth Amendment rights. Although the teen was cleared of the charges against him, none of the officers involved in the beating received any disciplinary action.


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Video: principal under fire after chastising black teen about her natural hair

A principal of a middle school is accused of admonishing a Grade 8 girl for wearing her normally braided hair in a natural style. CityNews reporter Avery Haines has more on the story.

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This principle needs to be replaced with one who does not follow the doctrine of Straight Hair Supremacy. All power to tall hair, big hair and long hair.

NAACP CEO calls teen arrest video ‘absolutely outrageous’

NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks speaks out about the video of African-American teenager being arrested by white police officers while crying out in pain.

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13 Cops Dispatched to Arrest One 15-year-old Girl, Because a Cop ‘Smelled Weed’

“I looked down like this and saw their red light right here on my baby’s back. They told me to get back or they’ll shoot.” Residents of the Countryside mobile home park in Fargo, ND have expressed concerns over racial profiling and police misconduct for some time. A recent cellphone video has captured a brutal…


Teen raped on lawn at Keith Urban show, police say


(CNN) — A teenage girl was raped at the same Keith Urban show where 20 people got so drunk they were hospitalized, police said.

The attack happened in front of a large crowd of other concertgoers on the lawn of the Xfinity Center, an outdoor amphitheater in Mansfield, Massachusetts, on Saturday night, a police statement said.

The rape ended when a woman in the crowd pushed the alleged attacker off the victim and he fled, police said.

Sean Murphy, 18, was arrested “a short time later” and charged with rape, police said.

“Officers conducting the investigation were assisted by patrons that had been concerned and took photos and video of the assault on their cellular phones,” the Mansfield Police statement said. “Those phones are being processed to recover the digital evidence of the assault.”


Inside the final minutes before 13 year old Andy Lopez’s murder


Moments before 13-year-old Andy Lopez was fatally shot by a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy who mistook his replica AK-47 pellet gun for a real rifle, a man in a truck drove by the boy and felt a surge of worry.


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Police shoot teenage special-needs girl within 20 seconds of arriving to ‘help’

HALF MOON BAY, CA — Acommunity is outraged after a call for help turned into a hasty death sentence for a disgruntled teenage girl with special needs.