Social media stands in support of 16-year-old rape victim with #IamJada

theGRIO REPORT – This week, Jada resorted to social media to use the platform as a way to speak out against her sexual assault and draw support from users as a way to combat rape culture.



Stand up. Speak out. Fight back!


#YesAllWomen: Isla Vista attack puts a spotlight on gender violence

After the deadly Isla Vista rampage by an alienated young man who used social media to announce his plans to kill, social media struck back — with the hashtag #YesAllWomen .

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SPLC report: Users of leading white supremacist web forum responsible for many deadly hate crimes, mass killings

wade_page_web_storyNearly 100 people in the last five years have been murdered by active users of the leading racist website, Stormfront, according to a report released today by the SPLC’s Intelligence Project.

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What I Learned From Tweeting With A Black Woman’s Avatar For #RaceSwapExp


“3. The level of hateful tweets went from zero to off the charts. With many of these trolls, I would respond once and then block them, or just block them. One such troll, @vincentBrook666, tweeted the following to me in all caps.”



Community Village‘s insight:

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Woman Beaten To Death Over Photobomb

A Southern California woman faces a murder charge in the fatal beating of a woman outside a Santa Ana night club last weekend.


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Allegedly Pham accidently walked in front of a camera.


From the video it seems like a mob attacked her.

I’m wondering if this can be considered a hate crime.


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