Video of Chicago Cops Killing #AlfontishCockerham Exposes Dept Tendency of Lying About Police Shootings

Chicago, IL — Chicago Police are again the subject of controversy, in yet another shooting where the police department’s explanation and the evidence don’t add up. In the early morning hours of June 20, 2015, twenty-two-year-old Alfontish “Nunu” Cockerham was shot by police who were investigating a call about men with guns standing in the area of 71st and Merrill on Chicago’s south side. Days later, he succumb to his injuries and died in the hospital.


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Emanuel: City will support release of video of another fatal police shooting

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday the city will drop its fight against the release of a police dashboard camera video depicting a Chicago police officer fatally shooting a man in the back on the city’s South Side.

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On Police and Stolen Native Lives: A Lakota Mother Speaks

On July 12, 2015, Paul Castaway was shot and killed by Denver police while holding a knife to his own throat. The police initially claimed that Castaway, a mentally ill Indigenous man, had charged at them with a knife after stabbing his own mother in the neck. Surveillance footage would later contradict those claims and support the accounts of Castaway’s family and other witnesses, who have maintained that Castaway menaced no one but himself with the knife in his hand, and never charged police.

Police later amended their version of events, acknowledging that Castaway never attacked his mother.

Castaway’s death, the dishonesty of officials and the local prosecutor’s refusal to press charges are not, in and of themselves, extraordinary circumstances. Native people in the United States are statistically more likely to be killed by police than people of any other ethnic group, and mentally ill people are frequently on the receiving end of police violence. The refusal of the Denver district attorney’s office to press charges against police accused of an unlawful shooting – a tradition that the city has upheld since 1993 – is also a common occurrence in the United States. But in Castaway’s case, something unusual did occur: a surge of public awareness.

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FBI To Finally Collect & Publish Info About Police-Involved Fatal Shootings

Responding to long running complaints about the lack of national data available for how often police resort to deadly force, the FBI on Monday announced plans to track and publish the statistics.

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Cops Who Fist Bumped After Firing 80 Rounds Into Mentally Ill Man Cleared of Any Wrongdoing


By Cassandra Rules


“Laredo, TX– The officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jose Garza, 30, who suffered from schizophrenia, last August have been cleared of any wrongdoing, both criminally and professionally. They have now returned to the force.

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