Los Angeles Police Department Fires Detective Over Racially-Charged Recordings

LAPD Det. Frank Lyga. (KTLA)


Lyga said. “I could have killed a whole truckload of them and I would have been happy doing it.”


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Cop Allows K-9 to Maul Handcuffed, Face Down Suspect, Then Blames it On Him


Green Forest, AR — A disturbing body cam video was uploaded to Facebook Thursday which shows a Green Forest police officer let go of his K-9 after other officers had a suspect face down and in handcuffs.

The graphic video does not lie.
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Destructive Delay, written by Tania Unzueta and co-authored by B. Loewe, illuminates the inhumane interior Immigration and Customs Enforcement practices that continue unabated while the President postpones action and it highlights the human cost of the delay. The key findings shed light on an agency driven by one calculated mission, to meet a draconian deportation quota, regardless of the costs to public safety, institutional integrity, moral or constitutional considerations.

Through almost three dozen interviews with front-line organizers, legal experts, and people in deportation proceedings, Destructive Delay collects previously disparate and disconnected stories of the lived experience of ICE enforcement activity into a single document. The report provides real-life context for the rhetoric of the debate and gives an inside look into how immigration policy is actually working on the ground.


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This Traffic Stop Video Epitomizes Everything that is Wrong With Police Today


“We’ll get CPS to take your baby!”

Sandusky, OH — A mother and father were on their way home with their 2 week old baby when they were stopped by Sandusky police officers.

Andre Stockett, the father and the passenger in the vehicle, and the man who took the video, has a good understanding of his rights when dealing with police.

Despite the police pulling over the vehicle, for an alleged “traffic violation,” they do nothing to the driver. Her license is run and it comes back valid so they have nothing on them, yet like bullies on the playground they begin ganging up on Stockett.

Stockett has committed no crime and has not been suspected of committing a crime, so he lawfully refuses to identify himself. This assertion of his rights does not go over well with the bullies on the playground, so Officer Denny throws a temper tantrum.

The K-9 unit is brought in.
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Brutal: Florida officer tases 62-year-old woman in the back just for the hell of it [VIDEO]


After police arrived on the scene of her Tallahassee, Florida, neighborhood, 62-year-old Viola Young asked them why they were there. Told to turn around, Young did so and walked away. While walking away, at just about 2:31 in this video shot by a local resident, the officer brutally uses his stun gun to tase Young in the back. Immediately, she falls flat on her face. It’s brutal.


No charges have been brought and the officer is currently on paid leave.


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Father pleads for justice in Border Patrol shooting [VIDEO]


Valeria Tachiquin

Valeria Tachiquin

Valeria suffered 14 gunshot wounds to her upper body

When asked about the case, the Department of Justice had no comment.

Customs and Border Patrol Protection would also not comment on whether or not Agent TackeTackettstill in the field.

The new Customs and Border Patrol Protection Head of Internal Affairs admitted there are more than 100 cases of excessive force by agents that need to be looked at again.


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What is the truth in this case?


What did the eye witnesses see?


We need cameras on all law enforcement.


Renewed call for justice in Border Patrol shooting


SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Renewed calls for justice Tuesday from the father of a woman killed in a confrontation with Border Patrol.

Valeria Tachiquin was shot by an agent in Chula Vista. Her family says the officer used excessive force — but so far, no one has been held responsible.


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Video: John Crawford didn’t seem to aim toy gun at anyone before police shot at him [VIDEO]

Video: John Crawford didn’t seem to aim toy gun at anyone before police shot at him

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The U.S. says we have the right to bear arms.


But if you’re Black or Brown… guess what? You will get shot if you carry a toy gun, or a black wallet, or cell phone or even if you have both hands in the air.


Remember Andy Lopez.


Michael Brown’s Parents in Atlanta To Push For Police Body Cameras


The family of slain teen Michael Brown, who senselessly died early last month at the hands of Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson, are now in Atlanta to kick off a nationwide effort to arm police with body cameras, according to WSB-TV.


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