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My name is Glenn Robinson and I have been inspired by Damali Ayo’s National Day of Panhandling for Reparations .

I run a blog called Community Village and another called Oppression Monitor. I thought these would be perfect places to ‘panhandle’ for donations that can be paid right back out.

I will use these funds to pay out reparations and use 33 cents from each transaction to maintain the payment system.

You can test our beta versions here:

Reparations through Oppression Monitor

Reparations through Community Village

You can also check the accounting

Thank you!



Kizzy in Portland Oregon – Collecting and Paying Reparations

NATIONAL DAY OF PANHANDLING FOR REPARATIONS is October 10, Every Year! So far over 200 people across the country have hit the streets to collect and distribute reparations. More Info and to Register to Join ghe Performace:


Reparations Payments Page added to Oppression Monitor


Reparations Contact Form added to Oppression Monitor




Thank you for the idea damali ayo!


Read more about her work at her new site


Make sure to check all the photos too!



National Day of Panhandling for Reparations


Click through for whole story and a lot more photos.




Genius damali ayo does it again.


I suggest a team of two. One for each sign.












U.S. History from a Reparations Perspective


Stubborn as a Mule 

This is a MUST SEE internationally award winning film that depicts and explores facts of history that are not whole known or taught in any educational system. It is an eye-open look at the concept that makes the case for why reparations should be open for discussion and the necessity for it to be addressed. -John Wills




Did You Know: US Gov’t Paid Reparations…To Slave Owners


Originally posted on News One:


Since writer and cultural critic Ta-Nehisi Coates made his compelling “Case For Reparations” in The Atlantic, it has been a hot-button topic and the questions have come fast and furious.
What is reparations? What should it look like? How has slavery and subsequent systems of oppression had a continuing impact on Black Americans?

Will the United States ever pay reparations for its role in what amounts to domestic terrorism against African Americans?

The truth is: The government has already paid reparations — to slave owners.

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