#Discrimination #HateCrimes Tweets 11.17

#Discrimination #HateCrimes Tweets 11.17

Healing Race Relations with Lee Mun Wah [VIDEO]

Since its founding in 1994, StirFry Seminars & Consulting has revolutionized the field of diversity through its internationally acclaimed documentary films and seminars. Millions of viewers worldwide have seen The Color of Fear, as well as many of the other groundbreaking films produced and directed by Lee Mun Wah, StirFry’s founder, CEO and Master Trainer. In 1995, Oprah Winfrey produced a one-hour special on Lee Mun Wah’s life and the impact of The Color of Fear.

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Lee Mun Wah describes how dialogs are better than panel discussions and how to acknowledge the person in front of you and stop playing devil’s advocate.


Get your popcorn and drink. The video is about an hour.

VIDEO: The Difference Between a Black Man and a White Man Open Carrying An AR-15 Legally

Two men carrying the same rifle down the street receive two entirely different reactions from police.

Source: thefreethoughtproject.com


I was scared-to-death just watching this video.


Must See Tweets #BlackLivesMatter 2.23




Drug cops converge on Georgia man’s property after spotting … okra

A Cartersville, Georgia, man is unhappy that police conducted a “raid” after mistaking his okra plants for cannabis.

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Here is our U.S. tax dollars doing the War on Drugs.


The War on Drugs is a war on people.



Uncovered Text Messages Sent By Veteran Baton Rouge Police Officer Expose Him As White Supremacist

During the 15 years Michael Elsbury worked as an officer of the Baton Rouge Police Department, he admittedly racially profiled when he made arrests. In his own words, he enjoyed doing it.

Source: ushypocrisy.com

‘Django Unchained’ actress defends not giving ID to cop [VIDEO]

“Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts defended her refusal to show her ID to Los Angeles police before they handcuffed her last week.

Source: www.cnn.com


What happens if we left our id at home?


Is it a crime to not have your ID with you?


How long can a person be detained when they don’t have their ID on them?