VIDEO: Bigot Cop Blows Fuse, Threatens Black Man, Tells Him “I Don’t Care About Your People”

As if racial tensions in the United States weren’t high enough, a clueless and racist Georgia cop just did his part to raise them even higher.

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6 Phrases With Surprisingly Racist Origins

Ever wonder where phrases like, “no can do” and “the peanut gallery” come from? Well, these everyday phrases have some VERY racist beginnings! Join Franchesca on this week’s episode of Decoded, as she gives a brief history lesson in common phrases that most people don’t think twice about. Do you know of any phrases with racist origins Share a few and be sure to discuss your thoughts in the comments!

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If we speak English the way most people speak English, we will automatically be acting out racism.

Santa Monica police investigating Black exec’s detention that was based on race

Santa Monica’s police chief Wednesday defended her officers and a 911 caller after a black executive claimed that, because of her race, she was detained as a burglary suspect at her own home.

Fay Wells wrote in a piece published by the Washington Post that she locked herself out of her apartment late one night in September and called a locksmith to get back inside. A  neighbor — whom Wells described as white — called 911, reporting a burglary in progress. That triggered a response by at least 16 officers who detained Wells at gunpoint, according to her article.

Wells identified herself in the Post as a vice president of strategy for an unnamed California company.

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[VIDEO] Obama praises Mizzou protesters…

President Obama says he supports the protesters at the University of Missouri for speaking out against the racism they say they’ve experienced on their campus. “The civil rights movement happened because there was civil disobedience, because people were willing to go to jail,” Obama told George Stephanopoulos in an interview that aired on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday. I want you to be somebody who’s strong and sees themselves as somebody who’s looking out for the vulnerable.’ “But I tell ’em, ‘I want you also to be able to listen,’” Obama continued.

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Democracy Requires Real (and more) Debate: Demand a #BlackLivesMatter Presidential Debate

UPDATE 10/22/15 regarding DNC response to our campaign (Full Statement Linked Below):

It is a given that our network, in collaboration with our allies and supporters, will conduct issue forums and town hall meetings at the local, regional and national levels to help our communities make informed choices in 2016 that help advance our collective interests.

We want a debate supported by the DNC that will speak directly and proactively to the issues impacting black people in this country….

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Iowa educator tells mixed-race kids: Blacks are too ‘stupid’ to go to school or live with whites

David Edwards | RAW STORY 15 Oct 2015
Two Iowa parents are calling for an educator at Bailey Park Elementary School in Grinnell to be fired for allegedly making racist comments to mixed-race children.
Geoff Burd choked up as he explained to KCCI that his daughter,
Nikki, came home from school and recalled that the para-educator had said black people and white people should not be a family or go to the same school.
“It’s an unbelievable situation,” Burd said, sounding defeated.  “I work very hard to protect her. I have worked her entire life to protect her.”

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Transgender Woman Of Color Beaten And Fatally Shot In Philadelphia

Kiesha Jenkins, 22, was fatally shot in the back in Philadelphia early Tuesday morning — marking the city’s second homicide of a transgender woman of color in the last five months.

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