Mistrial Declared On Hate Crime Charges

Three students were charged in a high-profile 2013 hate crime case at San Jose State University. They were also charged with battery for putting a bike lock around the neck Donald Williams Jr. a Black freshman. All three were found guilty of misdemeanor battery. They can serve up to six months in jail.  One has escaped conviction on the hate crime charge, and the jury hung on deciding the fate of the two others. A fourth student has been charged as a juvenile in the case. There is no available information on that case.


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Netroots Nation Summary – Political Candidates better get CRYSTAL CLEAR on RACIAL JUSTICE

Martin O’Malley apologized after being criticized for saying “all lives matter” in the context of a discussion about black Americans killed by police.

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Candidates better have SOLUTIONS to propose to racial injustice.


Candidates better ACKNOWLEDGE our pain and grief.


Candidates better say the words #BlackLivesMatter and all #BlackLivesMatter all day every day.


Silence is violence, and tone deafness will get them ZERO votes from social justice activists.