Cops Cross Thin Blue Line, Leak Info Showing Racist Officers Planted Drugs & Guns on 1,000 Black Men

Leaked documents reveal that an Alabama police department planted drugs and guns on innocent black men for years, and prosecutors helped cover it up.

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Santa Monica police investigating Black exec’s detention that was based on race

Santa Monica’s police chief Wednesday defended her officers and a 911 caller after a black executive claimed that, because of her race, she was detained as a burglary suspect at her own home.

Fay Wells wrote in a piece published by the Washington Post that she locked herself out of her apartment late one night in September and called a locksmith to get back inside. A  neighbor — whom Wells described as white — called 911, reporting a burglary in progress. That triggered a response by at least 16 officers who detained Wells at gunpoint, according to her article.

Wells identified herself in the Post as a vice president of strategy for an unnamed California company.

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Man Who Likened Himself To George Zimmerman Found Guilty of Second Degree Murder

by Xena


Twenty-nine year old Lukace Kendle is going to prison. Friday, he was convicted of second-degree murder with a firearm and attempted murder in the June 1, 2012, shooting that killed Kijuan Byrd, 29, and paralyzed Michael Smathers, 38. Kendle faces life behind bars.


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Guns in a racially biased U.S. is a bad idea.

Guns in the U.S. that does not provide universal mental health care is a bad idea.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why Racial Justice Work Needs to Address Settler Colonialism and Native Rights

How can we include settler colonialism in our work – especially as it relates to racism against non-Native people of color? It’s complicated, but this article’s got some crucial answers.


  1. Understand Racism and Settler Colonialism as Connected Forms of Oppression
  2. Examine How Settler Colonialism Creates Tensions Between Anti-Racism Work and Decolonization
  3. Learn That If You’re on US Land, You’re Complicit in Settler Colonialism




  1. Rethinking My Own History of Migration (And My Relationships with Land and Space)
  2. Learning Ways to Stand in Solidarity with Pacific Islanders
  3. Working on Crossing My Privilege Line


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Unarmed Black Americans killed by police in 2015

Here is a somewhat complete list of unarmed Blacks killed by police in the US in 2015. So far.

Unarmed Blacks are five times more likely to be killed by police than unarmed Whites. Unarmed Native Americans too are killed by police at almost the same rate as Blacks. Everyone else is killed at a way lower rate, even Latinos.

Those I have done posts on have a bolded link.

format: date: name, age, town, state, cause of death


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All #BlackLivesMatter all day every day.


This is genocide.

The Problem We All Live With [racism] | This American Life

Right now, all sorts of people are trying to rethink and reinvent education, to get poor minority kids performing as well as white kids. But there’s one thing nobody tries anymore, despite a lot of evidence that it works- desegregation. This week, Nikole Hannah-Jones looks at a district in Missouri that, just a few years ago, accidentally launched a desegregation program. It’s the first of a two-part series.

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People are even racist against children. America’s racist attitude is deep. Racism is a serious problem. What are we doing to fix the problem of racism?


Why doesn’t This American Life say ‘get poor kids performing as well as Asian kids’?


Notice that This American Life reinforces the doctrine of White Supremacy with their choice of words, even while reporting a story about exposing racism.


Many reporters say that Black and Latino kids should perform in school as White kids. Reporters make the issue sound racial rather than economic.


Reporters also erase the story of high performing Asian students and never say that low performing White students should perform as well as high performing Asian students.


PS – We sometimes hear main stream media blame parents of Black and Latino kids for anything their child does wrong. Yet we do not hear the police being blamed for killing the parent(s).


Also, when a White shooter goes on a rampage, are the White parents blamed by main stream media?

‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists Disrupt Bernie Sanders Speech

‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists Disrupt Bernie Sanders Speech

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White privilege doesn’t get it. Segregated White people do not have family members who are getting lynched every 28 hours.

If we don’t get it (JUSTICE)! SHUT IT DOWN!

This is what white people can do to support #BlackLivesMatter

Educate yourselves, put your bodies in the streets and help dismantle white supremacy


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Thank you for sharing Fanshen Cox!

When the oppressed turn into oppressors: Parenting & internalised racism

Article by Guilaine Kinouani


Excerpts selected by Glenn Robinson

The privilege of being lighter skinned

I am a lighter skinned Black woman. I am light enough to benefit from shadism but dark enough to still be accepted as Black. A uniquely privileged position. Throughout my upbringing I have received messages in my environment that this made me more desirable, more worthy, and/or more significant than my darker skinned counterparts. These messages were both covert and overt and articulated in the home and outside the home, at school, in the media etc… Pretty much everywhere.  There is no doubt that I was, at times, spoken to in kinder voices or treated with more patience than my darker skinned peers or sisters by both people of colour and by White people, all things being equal.  In time, I have learnt that my femininity and womanhood would be more easily accepted.


Parenting and internalised racism


…in our efforts to compensate for racism, we socialise children into injustice, compliance and complicity and instil a sense of inferiority in them. In doing so we may limit children’s scope to be themselves. We may reduce our capacity to respond to them with compassion and kindness. We may attend to stereotypes of what our children could be or could be seen as, rather than attending to them as unique persons. In a nutshell, we may contribute to racism’s self-fulfilling prophecies, perpetuate racial inequalities and more worryingly, may increase their risk of psychological  distress.
The perpetuation of oppression is everyone’s business


  • Internalising racism is adaptive. It is no pathology.
  • The construction of reality is controlled by the dominant group and circulated throughout society
  • those who are oppressed come to internalise the dominant group’s interests as their own
  • the interests of the oppressors are presented as actually reflecting everyone’s best interests…
  • the construction of a superior class is dependent upon the existence of an inferior one.
  • double bind: Be like us to be human. Trying to be like us is evidence that you are not human.
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Many pearls of wisdom in this article!


Note: Parents of all colors can have internalized racism and bias.