Ohio community holds vigil for 13-year-old shot dead by cops

Ohio community holds vigil for 13-year-old shot dead by cops

New info surfaces in San Francisco police shooting of #AlexNieto

“Police fired 48 bullets at Nieto, who died in minutes. The autopsy shows he was wounded 14 times; five of those bullets hit his head and torso at an angle that suggests they struck Nieto after he hit the ground.”

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#AlexNieto had just completed his Associates degree in criminology.
There was no evidence that he fired his tazer at the scene. None. A bystander said Nieto had his hands in his pockets.



911 Audio from moments after Akai Gurley shooting

911 audio from moments after the police shooting of Akai Gurley by officer Peter Liang at the Pink Houses in Brooklyn. Melissa Butler can be heard describing the scene and given instructions to help.

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S.F. Police Chief Suhr must answer for death of #MarioWoods, crowd says

Photo: Santiago Mejia, Special To The Chronicle
Audience members listen during a raucous meeting at S.F. City Hall over the police shooting death of #MarioWoods in Bayview.
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Emanuel: City will support release of video of another fatal police shooting

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday the city will drop its fight against the release of a police dashboard camera video depicting a Chicago police officer fatally shooting a man in the back on the city’s South Side.

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#RonaldJohnson #SayHisName

Police Dash-Cam ‘Malfunctions’ Point To Cover-Up In Shooting Of Laquan McDonald (age 17)

“When you’ve got a standup cop with nothing to hide, the dash-cam is his friend,” said Gregg Stutchman, who has specialized in video forensics in California for 23 years. “But for cops who aren’t quite as standup, it would make sense that they wouldn’t want things recorded.”

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Public Execution by Firing Squad – Video Shows 10 Cops Unload on a Single Man with a Knife

A horrific cellphone video was uploaded to instagram yesterday which shows at least ten cops publicly execute a man in firing squad fashion.

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#BlackLivesMatter #LaquanMcDonald Tweets 12.1

#BlackLivesMatter #LaquanMcDonald Tweets 12.1

Deadly Force – When Las Vegas Police Shoot, and Kill

Search the Review-Journal’s database of officer-involved shootings since 1990 by location, circumstances and characteristics of the officers and subjects involved. It will be updated periodically.

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Why Do American Cops Kill More People Than in Other Countries?

Historic rates of fatal police shootings in Europe suggest that American police in 2014 were 18 times more lethal than Danish police and 100 times more lethal than Finnish police, plus they killed significantly more frequently than police in France, Sweden and other European countries.

A U.S. cop spends almost 20 times as many hours’ training in using force than in conflict de-escalation.


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This article explains from many perspectives why the large disparity if civilians killed by police in the U.S. vs police in Europe.