Two Los Angeles police officers to be charged with sexual assault of Four women

Two Los Angeles police officers who once worked as partners patrolling the streets of Hollywood have been charged with sexually assaulting four women they encountered while on duty, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

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Six of 13 Officers Fired After Shooting 137 Bullets at Two Unarmed People

Six police officers in Cleveland have been fired in connection with the 2012 deadly shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, two unarmed Black people. One of the officers fired is Michael Brelo, who in 2014 was charged with manslaughter for his involvement with the shooting.

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Firing them is not justice. Murders need to be locked up.

Robert Lewis Dear

Robert Lewis Dear (1958- ), a White American “lone gunman”, shot 12 people, killing three, at a Planned Parenthood health clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday November 27th 2015.
Among his victims, he shot six police officers, killing one. The police, instead of “fearing for their lives” and quickly gunning him down, as they do with Black males as young as 12, talked him into surrendering after a five hour stand-off.They took him alive. 


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