Cop “Lost” 15 Seconds of Video Showing the Moment He Killed His 2nd Unarmed Victim in 4 Years

This past April, 18-year-old William Chapman II was killed by Portsmouth police officer Stephen Rankin, as he attempted to flee a Wal-Mart after shoplifting. Rankin first discharged his taser on Chapman, and then ended up shooting him in the following scuffle.

The shooting occurred nearly four years after Rankin shot another unarmed man who he claimed was reaching towards his waist before charging at the officer. A grand jury cleared Rankin of the 2011 shooting even though he shot 26-year-old Kirill Denyakin 11 times, and no other weapon was recovered from the scene.

“The video was operational up until just before the shooting, and then it was not operational for about 15 seconds,” Attorney Jon Babineau told Pilot Online.
The footage shows Rankin holding the taser and then cuts out. When the footage returns the incident was over, and the taser was laying on the ground.
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#SayHisName #WilliamChapman #KirillDenyakin

Cop Randomly Drives Up to Innocent Unarmed Man and Shoots Him For No Reason

A family is in shock after witnessing a Baltimore cop shoot their innocent and unarmed family member for no reason.

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Unarmed Taxi Driver Bit a Cop’s Finger as He Tried to Arrest Him, So the Cop Killed Him

A Miami police officer is being investigated after shooting an unarmed taxi driver who had just crashed his car.

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Family Of #AdaishaMiller Killed While Dancing With Cop Wants Case Reopened

The family of a Detroit woman who was killed when the weapon of an off-duty police officer she was dancing with accidentally discharged are demanding that the case be reopened, reports Huffington Post.


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Unarmed. Black. Police gun killed her.


#SayHerName #AdaishaMiller



Killer Cop Shoots Unarmed Fleeing Man in the Back, Killing Him #JoseRodriguez

Disturbing dashcam video released Wednesday, clearly shows a police officer shoot a fleeing unarmed man in the back.

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#JoseRodriguez #SayHisName #LatinosAreHuman


If we don’t get justice. Shut it down.


Disarm the police – now.

Police fire 8 bullets into unarmed #RicardoZeferino #LatinosAreHuman

Judge finally orders the release of dash cam footage showing Gardena police fatally shoot an unarmed man, who was being a Good Samaritan.

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Police wanted to keep this video secret. Imagine all the other abuse which has not been disclosed, and before video cameras were added to patrol cars.


22 Year Police Veteran Kills Wife

“He was no longer a sergeant for the Neptune Township Police Department. He turned into a criminal and a murderer,” said Marc Lemeiux of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.”

Sergent Phillip Seidle, a 22 year veteran of New Jersey’s Neptune Township Police department, is currently in custody on charges of 1st Degree Murder, 2nd Degree unlawful possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose and 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.

Charges came after Seidle ,51, chased his ex wife down as she drove with their 7 year old daughter.


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White guy with gun. Cops do not shoot him.

White guy kills woman. Cops do not shoot him.

With their actions, cops are saying White male lives matter.

Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed 20-Year-Old Debate Team Student in Need of Medical Attention

Longbeach police shot and killed 20-year-old Feras Morad after he jumped through a window and severely injured himself.



Another unarmed person shot by police. America.


‘Ferguson everywhere’: Swarms of Protesters Fill Streets After Cops Kill Fleeing Unarmed Man With Hands Up


Around 1,000 people took part in a peaceful protest to denounce the recent fatal police shooting of a Mexican-born 35 year-old American in a town of Pasco, Washington State.