The Worst Parts of Dept. of Justice’s Chicago Police Investigation

Dashcam Refutes Cop’s Story of “Fearing for His Life,” Shows Him Taser Man for Parking Ticket

A cowardly Kansas City cop decided to tase an innocent man while issuing a parking ticket and then lie about it. Apparently he forgot about his dashcam.

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Cop Shoots at Unarmed Fleeing Man, Never Reports it to Department, Retired Cop Exposes Him

Not until a retired cop, who witnessed the atrocity, went to the media, did this corrupt cop’s department even find out about the shooting. But it was of no consequence, the department stands by their officer.



Y’all. We are paying the police to shoot at us.


It does not have to be this way.


The process Congress wants to use for child migrants is a disaster


A secret UN report obtained by Vox reveals Border Patrol agents are failing to protect Mexican children.

Mexican children are treated differently than Central American children at the border


It’s not that Central American kids need to be protected less; it’s that Mexican kids need to be protected more



Testimony: DHS agents admit reports falsified

A special agent who replaced a Department of Homeland Investigations-Office of Inspector General supervisor in McAllen testified Monday that he couldn’t believe several agents told him they falsified reports.


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I didn’t see in the article what information was falsified.


However, the article goes on to say:


“As part of that process, Green would fill out a file review worksheet and place it with the case file, he testified. The file review worksheet would identify what work had been done on cases and set goals for agents to work toward.

In March 2012, when Green was set to conduct his second round of file reviews, he discovered that most of the 100 or so cases were missing the worksheets, which had been there during the first review, he testified.”

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Border Patrol’s use of deadly force criticized in report


“Border Patrol agents have deliberately stepped in the path of cars apparently to justify shooting at the drivers and have fired in frustration at people throwing rocks from the Mexican side of the border, according to an independent review of 67 cases that resulted in 19 deaths.


The report by law enforcement experts criticized the Border Patrol for “lack of diligence” in investigating U.S. agents who had fired their weapons. It also said it was unclear whether the agency “consistently and thoroughly reviews” use-of-deadly-force incidents.”


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Imperialist invaders shoot sovereign people on their own land.

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Joo-Hyun Kang: Ending the Stop-and-Frisk Regime


“In this full interview, Laura interviews Joo-Hyun Kang, Director of Communities United for Police Reform about an unprecedented campaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York City.”

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Video Showing Savage Attack by Brute Cop on a Severely Restrained Inmate Surfaces a Year Later

Many are asking why the Judge in whose courtroom this vicious attack took place simply watched with indifference as a helpless inmate was beaten before her very eyes.


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This is the sick racist system of the U.S.


The judge doesn’t want to get on the bad side of the cops so he allows the man to be humiliated, rammed into a post and yelled at right in front of him and he doesn’t say a mumbling word to stop it.

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Video Released of Georgia Guards Beating Prisoners With Hammer

“At the beginning of this video, you hear a prison guard shouting, “”Get down! Just get down! Get down! Get down!” presumably to the other prisoners. That exclamation is followed by, “Oh (inaudible) guy over there with his hands hitting him … and a damn hammer!”
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Four cops strip woman naked

An Illinois woman is suing the LaSalle County Police Department over what she feels was an illegal strip search.


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These videos explain why people are afraid of police.

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