No Charges for Cop Who Killed Family’s Mentally Ill Son in His Underwear Holding a Broom on Video

Miami Gardens, FL — On February 15, Lavall Hall had a schizophrenic episode when he grabbed a broom and then went outside in his underwear. Unable to get her son back inside, Hall’s mother called the police for assistance to get her son back to the hospital, as he was only released one week prior.


Hall’s mother says that the police were aware of her son’s condition as they had responded to calls for medical assistance at her home in the past, and that she repeatedly told the officers that he was schizophrenic and bipolar on this evening.


“Don’t hurt my child,” the mother asked the officers before the encounter.


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The cop shot him while he was down on the ground.

Police union targets black officer for vocal critique of racism in the department

Williams, who works in the Richmond district, said because of the union’s letter she feels unsafe on patrol. She also wonders whether her fellow officers will support her on the street if her life is in jeopardy.


“It leaves me with a sense of uneasiness to the point that I am wondering how safe of an environment I might be in and if, when I call for backup, how fast will backup come.”


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The Execution of Noel Aguilar

There are videos showing shootings that cause my mouth to fall open. They make me sad. Some have brought me to tears. Some have caused me to feel helpless. (Oh God! If I only had the power to resurrect the dead.)

There are no words to describe what I felt when watching the video of the killing of Noel Aguilar. The closest I can come to describing my feelings is when seeing photos of Nazi Germany officers nonchalantly shooting Jewish men, point blank. That was before my time. It was in another country. It was during war.


Noel was 23-years old. What happened to Noel is during my life-time. It happened in my country. There is a war between truth and lies. Certainly, if the truth is told, then just maybe citizens could sigh in relief that justice will be served. But, when there are lies to cover up murder, what can citizens do?


The ACLU of Southern California calls the video “chilling.”

It’s hard to watch, but we must watch. Noel deserves it. As chilling as it is, we must watch.

The backdrop of the story makes the video all the more chilling. It is usual to hear stories of officer involved shootings that allege that the suspect was armed with a gun. In some of those cases, it turns out that the suspect did have a gun. In some cases, it was a toy gun that the officer claimed not being distinguishable from a real gun. In some cases, the officer was at risk. In other cases, no gun was found. In some cases, a cell phone or keys were mistaken for guns.


There are cases where officers or rent-a-cops mistook their guns for tazers. And then, there are cases where officers were simply angry, and used their weapon.


So much death. So many unnecessary deaths.

In this case, one deputy shot his partner, and blamed it on Noel, who was then executed by the wounded officer.


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Maryland First State to Ban many types of Profiling in Law Enforcement

Per the memo, “officers in any law enforcement agency in Maryland may not consider race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity to any degree during routine police operations.”

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