“Get Your Hands Where I….” BOOM! Cop Shoots Unarmed Man Before Finishing His Command

Hovland-Knase did not attempt to run, was unarmed, non-violent, and posed no threat to Soppeland at all when the officer jumped out of his cruiser with his gun drawn. As Soppeland exited the cruiser, he yelled, “Get your hands where I….” BOOM — and before he could finish the sentence, he’d shot the unarmed motorcyclist.
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Cops are always afraid they are going to get shot, then they shoot us. They are killing us in the U.S. every 26 to 28 hours.

911 Audio from moments after Akai Gurley shooting

911 audio from moments after the police shooting of Akai Gurley by officer Peter Liang at the Pink Houses in Brooklyn. Melissa Butler can be heard describing the scene and given instructions to help.

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Officer Firing at Fleeing Vehicle Misses Driver, Kills Female Passenger and Her Dog Instead

El Cajon, CA — In yet another tragic case of an officer fearing for his life from a fleeing car, a woman and a dog have been killed.


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Video Shows Non-violent Native Man Severely Beaten by Crazed Cop for Praying by a Seal

Honolulu, HI – Jamie Kalani Rice, a native Hawaiian, has filed a federal complaint against Honolulu police for an unprovoked beating he received from Officer Ming Wang, which was captured on videotape.


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Body Cam Shows the Danger Faced by Innocent Autistic People When Approached by Bully Cops

Instead of attempting to de-escalate the situation with a man, who the officer knew was mentally disabled, he proceeded to grab Pletnikoff when he didn’t answer their questions. Nicholas, most likely not fully understanding the situation due to his disability, exercised a natural human reaction by resisting his kidnapper. Unfortunately, when your would-be attackers wear a badge, there is always a guaranteed escalation of force.
In response to him failing to immediately submit to their authority, officers quickly tackled Nicholas, repeatedly drove his head into the pavement and, after a brief struggle, deemed it necessary to pepper spray the innocent, autistic man.
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Horrifying Video Shows Cops Sic K-9 on Infant Daughter of a Man they Mistook for Suspect

“That’s not him, dude. That’s not a black man in a black shirt,” one officer said to another.

However, they continued the detainment.
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Cops target random Latino who does NOT fit description, then set K9 loose to search his car while his infant is inside.



BREAKING: Dashcam Video Just Released Shows Cop Murder Zachary Hammond

Tuesday, the much-awaited dashcam footage was finally released and it shows that the officer was indeed not in danger as he murdered Hammond.

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Officer who killed spoon wielding #JefforyTevis had body camera turned off

Officer was wearing a body camera but it was turned off and authorities say Jeffory Tevis approached officer in ‘threatening manner’

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#JefforyTevis #SayHisName


Condolences to his parents and family.

Deputy Caught on Camera Shattering Wheelchair Bound Man’s Dentures While Beating Him To A Pulp

Shockingly, not only did this department fire the unhinged officer, they showed complete transparency in not only issuing a full statement, but also releasing a four and a half minute long video of the incident.

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Incarceration is only a fraction of the punishment.
The abuse that happens inside the prison compounds the punishment.


What an unjust society we live in.


Off-Duty Cop Acquitted for Drunkenly Pulling Over an Innocent Man and Shooting Him


Louisville, KY– The jury reached their verdict on Thursday evening in the case of former Louisville officer Chauncey Carthan, who pulled over and shot a man while under the influence and off duty.
The former detective was acquitted on the charges of wanton endangerment and official misconduct, the charges relating to the actual shooting of Ishmael Gough, but was found guilty of driving under the influence.
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A bullet in the leg. That’s much better than 8, 11 or the whole clip that some other cops unload.