Kimmel chokes up on air over Cecil the lion

Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on the Cecil the lion issue during his monologue on Tuesday night and he didn’t hold back.

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Did Kimmel choke up or cry when 9 Black people where murdered at church?


Kimmel insinuated that the most hated person in America is a rapist rather than a mass-murder.


Kimmel is worked up over one Lion being killed, while the U.S. houses millions of humans and animals in abusive conditions and kills humans (police kill more than on person every 28 hours) and factory farms kill millions of animals every year.


I’d like him to explain why he was crying. Did he realize he hasn’t fought for the cause of #BlackLivesMatter and #LatinosAreHuman ?

Kimmel “Kill All Chinese” Comedy Skit Discussion in CNN


“Chinese community rallies against Jimmy Kimmel for ‘kill everyone in China’ comment


This video was aired by CNN on November 12, 2013 morning.

On October 16th, 2013, Jimmy Kimmel conducted a segment on his nightly talk show during which child participants of his “Kids Table” segment proposed that a feasible solution to US foreign debt issues involves killing all people in China. Instead of reacting as any rational adult would in such a situation, Mr. Kimmel told the kids that it is “an interesting idea”. Horrifyingly, he proceeded to pose a question to the other kids: “Should we allow the Chinese to live?””
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