Sandra Bland update


On December 21th 2015, the grand jury said it will bring no charges in the death of Sandra Bland. She died in jail last July, three days after a traffic stop in Waller County, Texas. Two videos of the stop went viral. The medical examiner said she had hanged herself using a trash bag.

Her family seriously doubts it was suicide. Jail officials did not think she was depressed either, even after she told them that she had tried to take her life last year after a miscarriage. They did not put her on suicide watch.

Assata Shakur:

“In prisons, it is not at all uncommon to find a prisoner hanged or burned to death in his cell. No matter how suspicious the circumstances, these deaths are always ruled “suicides.” They are usually Black inmates, considered to be a “threat to the orderly running of the prison.” They are usually among the most politically aware and socially conscious inmates in the prison.”

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