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The Second Cooler – documentary on US (im)migration and the free trade agreement

The Second Cooler is a documentary about illegal migration shot primarily in Alabama, Arizona, and northern Mexico. The premise is that Arizona is the new Alabama—the epicenter of an intense struggle for migrant justice. The documentary’s purpose is to bring basic migration issues into focus. Those issues include the impact of free trade agreements on migration, the lack of a legal way for poor Latin Americans to come to the United States, the inherent abuses of the guest worker program, the fact that many migrants are indigenous people, anti-immigrant politics in Alabama, the thousands of migrant deaths at the border, and an escalating ideology of the border.

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‘A cemetery for our people’: Guatemalan consul sees life and death of Texas migrant crisis

In 2013 Alba Caceres sent back 48 bodies from South Texas. But it’s not the dead she worries about so much as the living

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It’s not just a Texas migrant crisis.


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Mexican president calls for immigration reform – US News


By BRIAN MELLEY, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Mexico’s president spoke of the need for U.S. immigration reform on a two-day visit to immigrant-friendly California, saying those who reject diversity and inclusion will ultimately be proven wrong.

“We want to be a factor of cohesion, not division, with full respect for the sovereignty of the United States,” President Enrique Pena Nieto said Monday. “This, at the end, is about — and only about — a matter of justice for those who contribute so much to the development of the American society.”

Pena Nieto was welcomed by Gov. Jerry Brown, who played up his immigration credentials in a speech that highlighted the close cultural and historical ties they share across borders.

“It wasn’t very long ago that the governor of California was outlawing driver’s licenses for people who were undocumented from Mexico,” Brown said. “That’s not the law anymore.”

Brown signed a bill into law last year that will enable immigrants to get driver’s licenses next year. He said he got the message after a visit to a Monterey artichoke field where the workers yelled “licencia, licencia.”

During an upbeat speech embracing the ties between Mexico and California, Brown didn’t entirely gloss over a relationship that has, at times, been fraught with tension and he referred to past ethnic problems.

California voters in 1994 passed Proposition 187 that sought to ban immigrants who are in the country illegally from access to social services including health care and education, though it was reversed by the courts.

Hispanics have now become a force to be reckoned with in California. They now make up the largest of any racial or ethnic group in the state, though their voter registration numbers still lag behind whites.


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Israel destroys high-rise building in Gaza [VIDEO]



In what many Palestinians are calling “Gaza’s 9/11,” Israeli warplanes today destroyed the 12-story “Zafir 4” residential tower in Gaza City’s Tal al-Hawa neighborhood.

This video captures the moment. It appears that the building was struck by two missiles.

The tower was part of the Zafir complex and contained 44 apartments housing about 240 people. Residents had reportedly received warnings to leave the building, but medical officials said 17 people were injured, four of them children.

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights states that the building was attacked by Israel “without giving any specific explanation that can be verified.”

It adds: “Al Mezan’s investigations indicate that no military activities took place in or around it. Hundreds of its residents; most of whom are families headed by employees of the Palestinian Authority, were displaced.”

At least ten Palestinians were killed in relentless Israeli airstrikes across the Gaza Strip on Saturday, mostly women and children, Ma’an News Agency reported.

Human rights groups have condemned Israel’s deliberate targeting of civilian homes and infrastructure, but amid international complicity and silence, it has continued the practice unabated.

At least 2,103 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since 7 July, Ma’an said.


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Palestine’s Letter of Solidarity With Ferguson, Missouri

People of the Third World know very well what it is like to have their voices forcibly suppressed by neo-colonial governments funded and armed by the U.S. and its Western allies.

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