#BlackLivesMatter Tweets 12.3

#BlackLivesMatter Tweets 12.3

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#ColoradoSprings #PlannedParenthoodShooting Tweets 11.30

On Friday November 27th, a gunman walked into a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood which led to an extended hostage situation. In the end, it left 3 people dead and 9 others wounded. Once again, gun violence, mass shooting, and hate takes the lives of innocent people.

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#GunViolence #GunReform Tweets 9.1

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Shaun King breaks down police war on US citizens


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Does race shape Americans’ passion for guns?


You can’t talk about guns in America without talking about race, scholars say


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The fear of men of color with guns started early in America with the slaughter of Native-Americans and the oppression of enslaved Africans.


Epidemic: Guns kill twice as many kids as cancer does


ASBURY PARK, N.J. — Most victims of gun violence in 2010 were not on a battlefield or remote hillside in the Middle East fighting in a war. They were, like 6-year-old Brandon Holt, children and teenagers in America, according to the Children’s Defense Fund.

Brandon was shot in the head by his friend and neighbor, an unidentified 4-year-old boy, on Monday night. He is now also a statistic of gun violence.


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