Former top Australian official calls for travel warning to U.S. due to gun violence

“It’s time to call out the U.S.A.,” Tim Fischer said.

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We decide how much violence and murder is acceptable. Our culture, U.S. culture decides. – @getgln

Two children, age 1, shot on same day

On Twitter I follow @gundeaths

You’re probably thinking, “What a depressing twitter account!”, and you’d be right.

However, before I started following this account I didn’t fully realize just how rampant U.S. gun violence is.

Today on CNN, I noticed another baby was shot. I went to @gundeaths to see if they had reported it; they had. Then I saw that they reported another 1 year old shot on the same day.

And for those who haven’t seen it before, here is the chart of all U.S. guns deaths since Sandy Hook.

It’s really sickening when you watch the animation with the red dots.

Gun deaths since Sandy Hook to Sept 2, 2013

Gun deaths since Sandy Hook to Sept 2, 2013