Police: child rape suspect on run after allegedly beating relative


(CNN) — A Massachusetts child rape suspect fled after cutting off his GPS monitoring bracelet, then — days later — returned home, beat and tied up his stepfather before stealing his gun and about 200 rounds of ammunition, police say.

Authorities announced on Facebook on September 20 — the same day he was spotted hundreds of miles away in Kentucky — that the Southbridge resident had fled and was wanted “for several outstanding felony arrest warrants.”

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Man Using Assault Rifle as Crutch Kills 5 Year Old

Her name is Alysa Bobbitt.  She was 5-years old and lived in Shady Cove, Oregon. On June 27, 2013, Alysa and her mom were visiting Karen Hancock in a Grants Pass apartment.   In the apartment …

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Mom beaten, only toddler intervenes – CNN.com Video


Cell phone video shows the moment a mother was beaten by another woman while her toddler looked on.

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Well, not only men are violent.


And guess who didn’t show up for that job that she ‘almost lost.’


Did somebody call someone a terrorist? Who is the terrorist?


And not a soul stepped in to protect the toddler when threats where made to the toddler.


PS – Police brutality videos also show the ‘moral breakdown of our society’. Has U.S. society every been angelic? 


Police find web search history on hot car deadliness on computer in Georgia case


  • NEW: Source says police seized computers from father’s office
  • NEW: Someone searched on “how long does it take an animal to die in a hot car,” source says
  • Father jailed without bond on murder charge
  • The boy was left in a hot car, strapped to his seat in suburban Atlanta last week


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Brother Mistakes 13-Year Old Sister For Intruder And Shoots

Sidney M. Johnson, 20, was visiting his father’s home in Janesville, Wisconsin.  On Wednesday, he heard someone in a bedroom, got his dad’s 9 mm handgun, inserted a magazine, chambered a cartridge,…


Community Village‘s insight:


Gun owners are more likely to shoot their own family or friend than an actually criminal.

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Father throws son off high-rise – CNN.com Video

A man in the midst of a bitter custody battle threw his son off a Manhattan high-rise before jumping to his own death.


Community Village‘s insight:


I hear stories every year about men who take vengance out on their own family.


How do we best teach men that they don’t have the right to murder?

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Theodore P. Wafer Murdered Renisha McBride


“Now her killer can be named. Now that he is charged with committing an actual crime or something. Here Is His Face. What He Looks Like. If you are curious…”

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