Explains how disorders such as autism in society is handled differently because of race

Why Are Mexican Teachers Under Fire for Protesting Education Reform? #Oaxaca

Why Are Mexican Teachers Under Fire for Protesting Education Reform? #Oaxaca

This has been escalating and should be getting more coverage. #Oaxaca https://t.co/PeABrzmukG

— Rosa Linda Medina (@FunkyKoldMedina) June 24, 2016

"Police: remember who taught you to read" Photo: SayakValencia #Oaxaca #OaxacaResiste pic.twitter.com/jwCCxFWqbJ

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"Teachersshould know that they are not alone, that we know that reason and truth are on their side" https://t.co/ks27ZjHQjU#Oaxaca

— Anonymous (@YourAnonGlobal) June 23, 2016

School bullies come in many forms.

School bullies come in many forms.

STUDY: Middle Class Blacks and Latinos Disproportionately Impacted by Student Debt Crisis

More than 40 million Americans carry a combined record $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, with the average borrower in hock for $29,000. Now, a new study from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth shows that education-related debt is strangling some people of color, squeezing tighter on their necks than the general population.

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Words & Cactuses – Part 1 of my “I’m not having such a good time in school” series – Tall N Curly™

By Tall N Curly

These past two weeks alone I got four messages from four girls who all basically asked me the same thing: “How am I going to survive being different.”


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Making Light of Slavery?


Recently in the Texas History class I am teaching a student shared an example of how two friends would quasi reenact an enslaved, enslaver situation at the place where they work. The White person would tell the Black person “get to work” and so on.
This student followed up in an email asking my thoughts: “How do you feel about that though, specifically, making a joke out of slavery? Do you think it’s offensive, ignores the plight of the enslaved, or perhaps something I/we haven’t considered? Or is it okay, diminishing the detrimental effects on the psyche of the African Americans by satirizing it?”
I asked if I could have time to think about it and “reply” here. This student said yes, so here goes.


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Detroit Student Suspended For Rest Of The Year Over Pocketknife Found In Purse


“Atiya, an Advanced Placement student, was originally expelled from Annapolis High following the incident. However, on Monday, the school board rolled back her punishment, albeit slightly. Atiya is now suspended for the rest of the year, but will be allowed to take online classes and graduate with her class in 2015, reports local outlet WJBK-TV.”


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An Introduction to Settler Colonialism at UBC


This three-part series on settler colonialism is co-authored between two people: one who identifies as a michif (Métis) man from Saskatoon, the other who identifies as a racialized, non-Indigenous female settler. As co-authors, we are speaking from our own perspectives as an Indigenous person (Justin) and as a settler (Kay).


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