Florida shatters records with 346 inmate deaths in 2014


Nearly 350 inmates in Florida prisons died in 2014, shattering the record for most number of prisoner deaths in a single year. Many of the cases involve suspicious circumstances and involve allegations of harsh abuse by guards, which has prompted the firings of dozens of security officers and a large-scale Department of Justice investigation into the state’s correction system. RT’s Nicholas Sanchez O’Donovan is in Miami with more details.


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Florida has a horrible history – up to present day.


Going to prison is a death sentence for some people.


When we hear ‘genocide‘ and ‘population control‘ we need to take this seriously.


#BlackLivesMatter #LatinoLivesMatter #ShutITdown 


The DOJ wants to fix local policing. Here are the three ways they’re betting it’s possible.


1) Make residents feel they’re being treated fairly2) Take a closer look at how bias influences cops’ decisions3) Make sure police and community leaders are talking honestly


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