New info surfaces in San Francisco police shooting of #AlexNieto

“Police fired 48 bullets at Nieto, who died in minutes. The autopsy shows he was wounded 14 times; five of those bullets hit his head and torso at an angle that suggests they struck Nieto after he hit the ground.”

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#AlexNieto had just completed his Associates degree in criminology.
There was no evidence that he fired his tazer at the scene. None. A bystander said Nieto had his hands in his pockets.



Days After 3 Young Muslim Americans Shot ‘Execution Style,’ Indiana Governor Still Silent

Three Muslim American young men were found dead in Fort Wayne, the victims of multiple “execution style” gun shots at a local hangout spots.


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AUDIO: Detention Staff Used Martial Arts On 16-Year-Old #GynnyaMcMillen Found Dead In Cell, CPR Denied For 11 Minutes

Staff at the Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center used the Aikido restraint on Gynnya McMillen a day before she was found dead.


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Why I Cried Today


Last night was surreal. I tweeted about it seconds after it happened, when I was back safely inside my home. I can’t say as I felt that my life was threatened, but I was made to feel startled, scared, upset, like I was a criminal, and totally creeped out.
Right now, I don’t feel particularly safe in my own home.

Why do I live in a world where I have to feel a sense of relief that I wasn’t shot dead, or assaulted or beaten or sexually assaulted? –

Feelings that interfere with the feelings about being pretty much stalked by a police officer.


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