Body-Cam Shows Cop Randomly Walk Up to Handcuffed Man and Knee Him in the Genitals

San Juan, TX — Captured on body-cam video kneeing a handcuffed suspect in the groin, a San Juan cop was immediately suspended with pay pending an investigation into the blatant abuse. With a history of prior complaints, the officer is also being investigated due to the fact that he and the victim appeared to recognize each other in the video.


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Daniel Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtzclaw (1986- ), an American police officer, has been accused of rape and sexual assault by 12 Black women and one Black girl in the part of Oklahoma City he was to protect and serve. He …

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Tamir Rice’s Autopsy Brings Home Life and Death


Tamir Rice is the 12 year old who was shot and killed in Ohio by a cop who fired his gun in less than 2 seconds of arriving on scene.
A man had called 911 and told dispatch that a guy was in the park who might be a juvenile had a gun that might have been fake, but it was making him nervous.  Dispatch put out the call without saying it could be a juvenile and could be a toy gun.
Tamir did not die right away.  Reports have it that the EMT’s arrived about 4 minutes after Tamir was shot.  He was taken to the hospital where he died the next day.



Attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing Tamir’s parents however, says that there is probable cause to file a charge and take the case to a jury.
Crump has also stated:
“If police officers are ill-equipped to deal with children playing on the playground with toy guns, then we might have to consider outlawing all toy guns because this scenario cannot happen again in America.”


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