Cop shoots suspect escaping crash – CNN Video

A California police officer will not face criminal charges after he shot a DUI suspect. The officer says his pistol “accidentally discharged.” CNN affiliate KRCR contributed to this report.

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#DisarmCops #DisarmPolice

A CNN Lawyer Has Had Enough With Her Ignorant Co-Host. She Tells It EXACTLY How It Is.

This is somehow both shocking and unsurprising.



White people are always saying it’s not about race.


They have no proof that it’s not about race.


I think it clearly IS about race.


I been given a FREE PASS as a white person when dealing with the police. And even more so during a stop when he saw my daughter in the back seat.


Does race shape Americans’ passion for guns?


You can’t talk about guns in America without talking about race, scholars say




The fear of men of color with guns started early in America with the slaughter of Native-Americans and the oppression of enslaved Africans.


The implicit racism in Ebola tragedy


(CNN) — The tragedy of Ebola is not just its staggering toll. It’s also the implicit racism that the deadly virus has spawned. The anecdotes are sickening, particularly a Reuters report this week that children of African immigrants in Dallas — little ones with no connection to Thomas Duncan, the Liberian Ebola patient who died Wednesday in a local hospital — have been branded “Ebola kids” simply because of their heritage or skin color.

In both the United States and Europe, Ebola is increasing racial profiling and reviving imagery of the “Dark Continent.” The disease is persistently portrayed as West African, or African, or from countries in a part of the world that is racially black, even though nothing medically differentiates the vulnerability of any race to Ebola.

Newsweek cover last month showed a picture of a chimpanzee with the headline: “A Back Door for Ebola: Smuggled Bushmeat Could Spark a U.S. Epidemic.” Whatever the intent, the picture was wrong.

Turns out the story was probably wrong, too, as a Washington Post investigation revealed. The new Ebola outbreak “likely had nothing to do with bushmeat consumption,” the Post reported, and there is no conclusive evidence that Ebola has been passed from animals to humans. A theory on animal-to-human transmission with some limited traction centers on dead fruit bats, not chimps.

“There is virtually no chance that ‘bushmeat’ smuggling could bring Ebola to America,” the Post concluded.
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Cop buys mom car seat instead of ticket – CNN Video


A Michigan police officer buys a needy mom a booster seat instead of issuing her a ticket. WXMI has more.





This is not how people in the community of Ferguson are treated.


I’m calling out White privilege.


If this mom was not white is would go like this:


  1. Child Protective Services would take her child away.
  2. Mom would be ticketed for the infraction.
  3. Mom would not have money to pay ticket.
  4. Warrant for arrest of mom is issued.
  5. Mom is stopped for looking suspicious.
  6. Cop runs mom’s id and finds there is a warrant out for her un-paid fines.
  7. Mom is incarcerated until she can be bailed out.
  8. If she is ever released from jail she is billed for her food, housing and administrative costs.
Did you hear the words ‘tough on crime’ in this story? No.
Did you hear the words child endangerment? No.
I’m calling out double standards, hypocrisy and racism in the U.S. police force.

Police: child rape suspect on run after allegedly beating relative


(CNN) — A Massachusetts child rape suspect fled after cutting off his GPS monitoring bracelet, then — days later — returned home, beat and tied up his stepfather before stealing his gun and about 200 rounds of ammunition, police say.

Authorities announced on Facebook on September 20 — the same day he was spotted hundreds of miles away in Kentucky — that the Southbridge resident had fled and was wanted “for several outstanding felony arrest warrants.”