Protesters criticize excessive force by Border agents

NOGALES – Groups along the Border are protesting excessive force used by Border agents.


Richard Boren joined a small demonstration with the Border Patrol Victims Network near a port of entry in Nogales. It was organized to go along with a larger demonstration where a man was killed by Customs and Border Protection in San Diego.


“We’re here in solidarity to say that these agents have to be put on trial,” Boren said, “that there can’t be impunity for border patrol.”

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No Action Taken: Lack of CBP Accountability in Responding to Complaints of Abuse

Data obtained by the American Immigration Council shine a light on the lack of accountability and transparency which afflicts the U.S. Border Patrol and its parent agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

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“A Devastating Decision”: No Charges for Border Guards in Beating, Taser Death of Mexican Immigrant

The Department of Justice has announced no border agents will be prosecuted for their role in the killing of a Mexican immigrant near San Diego even though eyewitness video showed him being beaten and tasered. The incident occurred in May 2010 when 32-year-old Anastasio Hernández-Rojas was caught trying to enter the United States from Mexico. He had previously lived in the United States for 25 years and was the father of five U.S.-born children. The San Diego coroner’s office classified Anastasi

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Why border crossings are down but deaths are up in brutal Arizona desert

With a significant slowdown in the surge of migrants streaming across the Southwest border, it stands to reason that the number of deaths among those braving the crippling heat of Arizona’s desert frontier with Mexico would also decline.

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Man Says Border Patrol Ran Him Down

LAREDO, Texas (CN) – A Border Patrol agent chased down an unarmed fleeing man and ran him over, a reckless pursuit that got the agent’s vehicle stuck on the banks of the Rio Grande, the injured man claims in court.
Rogelio Marquez Rodriguez, 36, says he “crossed into the U.S. from Mexico, without inspection, to pursue dignified, fair, lawful economic opportunities” and was rudely greeted by overzealous Border Patrol agent Richard Edward Oelfke-Philip.
Marquez sued the United States of America on Tuesday in Federal Court. Oelfke-Philip is not a defendant.
Marquez says he did not have a weapon, nor did he fight with or threaten Oelfke-Philip before the officer saw him running toward the river on Aug. 18, 2012 in Laredo and hit the gas.
“Due to the violent force of the impact, Mr. Marquez’s body was thrown a few feet away from the vehicle and it immediately caused him serious personal injuries and severe pain, suffering and discomfort that left him splayed on the ground unable to get up,” the complaint states.
Marquez suffered a broken arm and back injuries that still give him shooting pains three years later, he says.

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The Need for an Accountable Border Patrol

José Antonio Elena Rodríguez’s grandmother, Taide Elena, visits her grandson’s memorial almost daily. Credit Samantha Sais for The New York Times


José Antonio Elena Rodríguez was 16 when he was gunned down on a street in Nogales, Mexico, in October 2012. He was shot several times in the back by a United States Border Patrol agent, firing through the fence from Nogales, Ariz. The boy was unarmed; his family said he had been walking home from a basketball game.

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Border Patrol Discrimination in Southern NM

In our country we take for granted that we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. But in communities that span 100 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border,

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Judge awards half-million dollars to man shot by US border patrol agent


Border Patrol agents, an FBI investigator and rescue personnel from the Rio Rico Fire District gather along State Route 289 west of Nogales on Nov. 16, 2010, after Border Patrol Agent Abel Canales shot Jesus Castro Romo of Mexico in a nearby canyon area.


U.S. Judge James A. Soto has found that a former Border Patrol agent was not justified when he shot and seriously wounded an undocumented border-crosser west of Nogales in 2010, and awarded the victim nearly $500,000 in damages.




Events planned for first anniversary of Andy Lopez killing – Oct 22, 2013 – Santa Rosa, CA

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. — Sonoma County residents are preparing several events to mark the one-year anniversary of the killing of 13-year-old Andy Lopez by a county sheriff’s deputy on Oct. 22, 2013.

Community members plan to attend a 6 p.m. meeting Monday in Santa Rosa of the Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force, which was established by the county Board of Supervisors following the shooting of Andy by Deputy Erick Gelhaus, who believed the airsoft rifle the teen was carrying was an AK-47 rifle.


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March planned on anniversary of Nogales teen’s shooting


Araceli Rodríguez is learning how to live without her son.

“I think the pain will never go away. I will always be without a piece of life, of my heart,” she said. “But I have three other children for whom I have to live for.”

It’s been nearly two years since 16-year-old José Antonio Elena Rodríguez was shot by a Border Patrol agent who fired through the fence in Nogales, down a steep hill and across the street on the Mexican side. The teen was hit more than 10 times in the back and head.


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He reminds me of my son.