Laquan McDonald

Laquan McDonald (1997?-2014) was a 17-year-old Black American teenager killed by Chicago police on the night of October 20th 2014. His killer, Jason Van Dyke, was White. McDonald was armed with a knife – but was shot in the back.

On that night
, McDonald was walking down the middle of the street with a knife. He does not seem to know what is going on.Four police cars show up. McDonald is walking away from the police when one of the officers shoots him. McDonald spins and falls to the ground. For the next 13 seconds the officer keeps shooting. McDonald’s body moves only when struck by bullets. They kick away his knife – and then leave him there like a piece of trash.

He was still alive when the ambulance arrived, but died on the way to the hospital.

The next morning
 the medical examinercounts 16 bullets, two in the back.


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Transgender Woman Of Color Beaten And Fatally Shot In Philadelphia

Kiesha Jenkins, 22, was fatally shot in the back in Philadelphia early Tuesday morning — marking the city’s second homicide of a transgender woman of color in the last five months.

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Three Other Black Men Have Died In Altercations With University Of Cincinnati Police

Federal civil court records show that, in addition to Samuel Dubose, three other people have died in altercations with University of Cincinnati police since 1997 — all of them black men.

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America has a pattern of racial bias and a pattern of murdering Black, Latino, and Native American people.

Netroots Nation Summary – Political Candidates better get CRYSTAL CLEAR on RACIAL JUSTICE

Martin O’Malley apologized after being criticized for saying “all lives matter” in the context of a discussion about black Americans killed by police.

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Candidates better have SOLUTIONS to propose to racial injustice.


Candidates better ACKNOWLEDGE our pain and grief.


Candidates better say the words #BlackLivesMatter and all #BlackLivesMatter all day every day.


Silence is violence, and tone deafness will get them ZERO votes from social justice activists.

SPLC statement on the #CharlestonShooting in South Carolina

By Richard Cohen, President
A white man who admires apartheid walks into a black church and kills nine people.  According to an eyewitness, he says that he has “to do it” because black people “rape our women” and are “taking over our country.”  It’s an obvious hate crime by someone who feels threatened by our country’s changing demographics and the increasing prominence of African Americans in public life.


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The Real “Looting”: From Enslavement to Policing and Beyond

Recent US protests are part of a growing movement against systemic racism, including the looting of Black wealth and violence against Black people.


nation of immigrants


President Obama

President Obama

His words do not apply to about 40% of the nation:

  • Not to Native Americans who were wiped out or driven west.
  • Nor to Black Americans who arrived in chains.
  • Nor to Chinese Americans who were killed or driven out of the western US in the late 1800s.
  • Nor to Mexican Americans deported in the 1930s.
  • Nor to the people whose lands the US took over: Native Americans,Northern Mexicans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans, Guamanians, Palauans, Eastern Samoans, Northern Mariana Islanders or Virgin Islanders.
  • Nor, given the perpetual foreigner stereotype, to Asian Americans.
  • Nor to most British or Dutch Americans, who were not immigrants (people who move to a foreign country) but colonists (people who create an offshoot of their mother country). Calling them “immigrants” would mean they joined Native American societies. They were conquerors and invaders, not “immigrants”.


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All this is why I study the changing policies if (im)migration law. In a country that preaches Freedom and Liberty, it has always been more freedom and more liberty for light skinned people.


You can easily see the racism and xenophobia that the U.S. is built on when examining Border politics.


Black In America: Open Letter To All My Sons (in memory of the young Black men murdered without cause)


“What you hate, change it. What you value, share it. What you love, cultivate it. ”



Community Village‘s insight:


There’s a line in this letter that says “This country has never loved us…”


I explained what the country does love in the comments.

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