Hawaii officer charged with five counts of sexual assault of a minor, was former Honolulu cop fired in 2012

By Nick Grube


January 11, 2016


A state law enforcement officer charged with five counts of sexual assault of a minor on the Big Island is a former Honolulu policeman who was fired in 2012 after falsifying reports and lying to investigators about his whereabouts when he was transporting an underage runaway.


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Taxpayers Shell Out $100K to Parents After School Cop Tased 14yo Daughter for No Reason

Allentown, PA – The family of a teenage girl was recently granted a $100,000 settlement from their local police department after an officer used his stun gun on the girl for no reason. The incident occurred in 2011, when the girl was 14-years-old while she was attending Dieruff High School.


The settlement was to prevent the family from moving forward with a federal civil rights lawsuit which accused Jason Ammary of using excessive force on the young girl.


According to court documents, the officer was ordering students to clear a street near the school on the day of the attack, but apparently the victim, Keshana Wilson, was not moving fast enough. So, Ammary grabbed her arm from behind and pushed her against a parked car when she instinctively pulled away from him.

As she struggled to get away, Ammary fired his taser directly at her and she collapsed onto the street.


The entire attack was documented by the school’s security cameras, and even the police department could not defend the actions of the officer when the recordings were made public
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Sheriff Exposed as Liar by Fellow Cop in the Shooting of an Unarmed Down Syndrome Child

Palm Beach County, FL — A Florida sheriff has been exposed in a recent lawsuit for lying about one of his deputies who shot six times at an unarmed teenager.  The victim, Jeremy Hutton is a 17-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, who nearly lost his life after he was hit with three of those six rounds.


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#JeremyHutton #SayHisName

Cops Not Punished After Beating Innocent Child So Bad with Flashlight He’s Permanently Disabled

Grand Rapids, MI — Suffering permanent physical and mental damage after a Michigan police officer savagely beat his head bloody with a flashlight, an unarmed teen recently filed a federal lawsuit against the cops for violating his Fourth Amendment rights. Although the teen was cleared of the charges against him, none of the officers involved in the beating received any disciplinary action.


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School Cop “Acted Within Policy” When He Choked & Body Slammed a 14-yo Boy on Video

Round Rock, TX — A decision to clear a cop of all wrongdoing after he choked out and body slammed a 14-year-old boy has the community up in arms.
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#AndyLopez shooting witness offers conflicting view

A witness to the deadly 2013 shooting of 13-year-old Andy Lopez by a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy contradicts a key element of what law enforcement says happened, the Lopez family says.

In legal papers supporting their lawsuit against the county and Deputy Erick Gelhaus, the family said a man walking in the area at the time of the shooting saw Gelhaus’ partner, Michael Schemmel, get out of their patrol car first and draw his weapon.

The account from Jordan Walker conflicts with depositions in which both deputies say Gelhaus exited before Schemmel. Gelhaus, who said he mistook an airsoft BB gun Lopez was carrying for an assault rifle, shot the youth after yelling at him to drop the gun, he said.

But Walker’s version, which has Schemmel pointing his gun at Lopez and not firing, casts doubt on whether it was reasonable for Gelhaus to suspect Lopez posed a danger, the family’s attorney says.

In court documents, attorney Arnoldo Casillas said it suggests Schemmel recognized Lopez “was a young boy” and the rifle he carried as he walked along Moorland Avenue was “a toy.” It also supports allegations that Gelhaus acted in haste.

“What is clear is that his partner, Michael Schemmel, who was out of the patrol car first and was pointing his gun at Andy Lopez during the entire encounter outside the vehicle, did not consider Andy Lopez to be a threat,” Casillas wrote. “He did not shoot.”


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Laquan McDonald

Laquan McDonald (1997?-2014) was a 17-year-old Black American teenager killed by Chicago police on the night of October 20th 2014. His killer, Jason Van Dyke, was White. McDonald was armed with a knife – but was shot in the back.

On that night
, McDonald was walking down the middle of the street with a knife. He does not seem to know what is going on.Four police cars show up. McDonald is walking away from the police when one of the officers shoots him. McDonald spins and falls to the ground. For the next 13 seconds the officer keeps shooting. McDonald’s body moves only when struck by bullets. They kick away his knife – and then leave him there like a piece of trash.

He was still alive when the ambulance arrived, but died on the way to the hospital.

The next morning
 the medical examinercounts 16 bullets, two in the back.


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Video: principal under fire after chastising black teen about her natural hair

A principal of a middle school is accused of admonishing a Grade 8 girl for wearing her normally braided hair in a natural style. CityNews reporter Avery Haines has more on the story.

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This principle needs to be replaced with one who does not follow the doctrine of Straight Hair Supremacy. All power to tall hair, big hair and long hair.