NAACP CEO calls teen arrest video ‘absolutely outrageous’

NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks speaks out about the video of African-American teenager being arrested by white police officers while crying out in pain.

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The thief-thief technique

The thief-thief technique, as Noam Chomsky puts it, is when your hand is someone’s pocket and you point to someone else and say, “Thief! Thief!”, hoping everyone forgets you are the robber. It is used by petty crooks, tenth-rate lawyers, propagandists, the press and, when talking about race, by Whites and their hangers-on.


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I have heard this technique used frequently.  We need to call people out on this immediately when they use it. People want to deflect from the issue being discussed rather than have sympathy or consider solutions.


Bill O’Reilly is guilty of this and he is paid a fortune to deflect guilt for White America and attempt to put guilt on others. Donald Trump is guilty of this too.

Does beauty trump race?


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Does beauty trump race? 


Or does it depend? 


Is there more favor for beautiful people in general – regardless of race?


Is there more discrimination against ugly people – regardless of race?


Do we talk about discrimination against ugly people?


If not – why?


Don’t say because beauty is subjective. ‘Cause you know, Hollywood knows, and the music industry knows who’s beautiful (who sells tickets) regardless of race.


We know that individuals have preferences, but I’m talking the big picture. I mean the standard things like symmetry, even skin tone (without blemishes), and people who are not too skinny, not too fat, not too short, not too tall – these perfect middle of the road beauties. They have privilege. But more importantly, those who do not fit these perfect middle of the road norms are discriminated against – and we don’t talk about it. Why don’t we talk about it.


I think there is something deep here. Some prejudice that our whole society has that we don’t talk about. We celebrate beauty like crazy but we don’t talk about discrimination against the less beautiful.


I think the positive treatment of the beautiful and the discrimination against the less beautiful has a compounding effect over a person’s lifetime.


I think discrimination against the less beautiful can lead some of them toward depression, drugs, crime, incarceration. I think this is a big issue that no one talks about.


Yes, people have more to their identity then just their beauty or lack of it. But our society (Western Society) places a lot of emphasis on celebrating beauty. But how much time do we spend acknowledging that less beautiful people are being discriminated against all the time?


I say, add beauty to the intersectional graph and let’s stop pretending that it’s not a serious factor in people’s lives.


Tim Wise Speech – “Racism, White Denial and Criminal Justice: Ferguson and Beyond,” 12/5/2014 – Lexington, KY


My keynote speech at the MOSAIIC conference, 12/5/2014 in Lexington KY at the Lyric Theatre, organized by Bluegrass Community and Technical College.



Gabrielle Union: Lack Of Compassion About Eric Garner Makes Me Fear For My Family [VIDEO]

There’s a lot to complain about in the way the justice system has handled the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but Gabrielle Union’s chief concern is the lack of compassion in the response to it all.

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