CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Crowd Takes Down Homophobic Bully At Dallas Airport


An angry man was caught on video last week attacking a fellow passenger at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, apparently because he thought the man was gay. But then, a group of bystanders, including a man in a cowboy hat, quickly took action to bring the man down, according to the video.


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“That Awkward Moment When You Run Away from Your Home Country Due to Discrimination For Being Queer, To Be Locked Up in the Land of the Free…”


““That awkward moment when you run away from your home country due to discrimination for being queer…Only to be locked up in the land of the free with a lot of machista, and sexist, homophobic, transphobic ICE officers.” – Alejandro Aldana”

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Chick-fil-A CEO now regrets dragging the company into anti-equality morass


“So does that mean he’s had a change of heart, and in his new maturity has grown to accept that marriage equality is not, in fact, the doom of America? No. He just regrets saying it out loud, because money.”


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LGBT victims of domestic abuse are rarely catered for – or acknowledged

Ally Fogg: While activists for heterosexual victims of domestic violence have ensured measures such as Clare’s law, LGBT people have fallen through the cracks


Community Village‘s insight:


This article is from the UK, but makes a good point about overlooked communities.

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Southern States Push Anti-Gay Jim Crow Laws


“Over the past few weeks, Republicans in various state legislatures have been advancing bills that target gay Americans for Jim Crow style discrimination. These laws represent an imminent and grave threat to not only the entire gay community but to the entire idea of a secular society.”
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