#BlackLivesMatter Tweets 6.11

#BlackLivesMatter Tweets 6.11

What Obama Says He’ll Do About Police Brutality


The president’s plan leaves activists with questions and doubts.


1. Establish a task force on police accountability

2. Demilitarize the police

3. Fund body cams for cops

4. Convene community meetings


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Source: colorlines.com

Obama announces funding for 50,000 police body cameras


In an announcement today, the White House has pledged $263 million in new federal funding for police training and body cameras, set aside by executive order. The money includes $75 million allocated specifically for the purchase 50,000 cameras for law enforcement officers across the country.


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Source: www.theverge.com


It’s about time. Now we need a law that the police must use the cameras, and a stiff penalty if they do not.


style guide: racial language


General rules I currently try to follow (click on links for further discussion):


Source: abagond.wordpress.com


This article sheds light on why many are nervous to talk about race.


They are scared they may say something offensive.


Learning from this post can provide a lot of help to not be offensive.


Avoiding the topic of race, culture and ethnicity does not help move the country toward racial justice, dignity and respect.


Avoiding the topic of oppression keeps the oppression firmly in place.