Days After 3 Young Muslim Americans Shot ‘Execution Style,’ Indiana Governor Still Silent

Three Muslim American young men were found dead in Fort Wayne, the victims of multiple “execution style” gun shots at a local hangout spots.


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Shocking Dashcam: Cops Walk Up to a Man for “Looking Suspicious” and Kill Him on the Ground

Seattle, WA — Che Taylor, 46, was no stranger to the police. He’s been in and out of jail on numerous occasions. However, none of his crimes ever warranted a death sentence — but on Sunday afternoon, that’s exactly what he got.



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Hear final words of #KellyGissendaner

Kelly Gissendaner makes a final statement, apologizing for her crime and saying goodbye to her family, before being executed by lethal injection.

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U.S. culture created Kelly Gissendaner, then the U.S. killed Kelly Gissendaner.



#PrisonReform Tweets 9.5

#PrisonReform Tweets 9.5

Four decades of death penalty executions by year, state, race and gender, in 1 chart


Since 1976


  • Texas executed the most people
  • 1999 had the most executions
  • More white men have been executed than Black men
  • Disproportionately more Black man have been executed. Black men make up about 6% of U.S population but about 30% of executions are of Black men
  • Females are the least likely to be executed


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Botched Execution In Arizona Drags On For More Than Hour


Lawyers filed emergency papers to stop the execution of Joseph Wood in Arizona on Wednesday, saying prison officials botched the lethal injection.

“He has been gasping and snorting for more than an hour,” according to the motion filed in federal district court in Arizona. “He is still alive.”



Autopsy Report Alleges Clayton Lockett Execution Doomed By Staff Error

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Comments by an attorney from the Death Penalty Clinic at the U.C. Berkeley School of Law lay out the details of the team’s handling of the execution, which led to the heart attack that eventually killed him:

“The improper placement of the IV used in Mr. Lockett’s execution is just one factor that caused his prolonged and painful death,” said Megan McCracken, an attorney with the Death Penalty Clinic at U.C. Berkeley School of Law. “The three-drug protocol that was used exacerbated the pain and suffering that Mr. Lockett faced by needlessly paralyzing him and subjecting him to the pain of potassium chloride. Moreover, the state had no plan for contingencies in the event that the execution did not go as planned, as clearly happened here.”

There are also concerns of how properly trained personnel were regarding the execution. The Department of Corrections timeline revealed that the IV was applied by a phlebotomist and later confirmed by the state. When a local news outlet questioned the matter, the state reversed their statement and said that an unnamed EMT was the person to apply the femoral vein IV. According to the state’s execution protocol, a physician should have set the IV, and not a phlebotomist.


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I thought that physicians took the Hippocratic Oath and were not allowed to harm people?



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Every Execution in U.S. History in a Single Chart

More than 15,000 people have been put to death


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See every execution in U.S. History in a single chart


Follow the racism.


Check when Dr. King was alive

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Oklahoma Botches Premeditated Murder

This brutal outcome is precisely the reason why human rights organizations have been demanding for States to be required to disclose their sources for obtaining the execution drugs.


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