#CJreform Tweets 12.11

#CJreform Tweets 12.11

White American terrorists

White American terrorists are terrorists who are White Americans. Most are White supremacists, like Dylann Roof, or anti-government, like Tim McVeigh.

FBI defines a domestic terrorist like this:

“‘Domestic terrorism’ means activities with the following three characteristics:

  • Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
  • Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and
  • Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.”

The Baltimore police department 
fits that definition.

So does the Ferguson police department, given how they left Michael Brown’s body lying there in the street in the middle of a Black neighbourhood for several hours.

So does Dylann Roof, given how he left one person alive so she could tell others.

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Criminal justice student tased at border checkpoint after refusing trunk search, resisting order to move [VIDEO]

By Jimmy Lawton
WADDINGTON — An Ogdensburg woman and Lisbon Central School graduate studying criminal justice at SUNY Canton was tackled and Tased by border agents following a confrontation at a Waddington immigration checkpoint that was captured on video.

Jess Cooke, 21, said she was pulled in for a secondary inspection after agents said she appeared nervous at the checkpoint. Cooke said she refused a search of her trunk and was asked to wait for a K-9 Unit to arrive.

A conversation with officers escalated and she was tackled and Tased after she resisted an agent who had grabbed her after she refused to comply with a request for her move.

“I was cuffed for over an hour after being out in the Border Patrol car and then brought to the U.S. Customs station in Ogdensburg. I sat there for a good 3-4 hours and got sent home due to they couldn’t figure out what charges to put on me,” Cooke said in a written response.

Cooke said she received scrapes and cuts on her legs, back and chest. She said her wrists are also marked from the handcuffs.

Cooke said her car was searched and found to be clean, but she is awaiting potential charges regarding the struggle.

Cooke said she has a two-year degree in criminal justice will graduate Saturday from SUNY Canton for law enforcement leadership with a four-year degree.

Cooke said she had hoped to pursue a career in the Border Patrol, but the incident has changed her mind.


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Whistle-blower officer files lawsuit against Batts, BPD

A former Baltimore police officer who blew the whistle on misconduct is suing the agency and its commissioner, alleging that they failed to protect him from retaliation.

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Anderson Cooper’s Interview With Four Mothers Of Unarmed Black Men Slain By Police Spotlights Racial Injustice


On Friday evening, four mothers came forward to tell the story of how they buried their children, a story that no parent should have to tell. Speaking with Anderson Cooper, the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice came together to discuss the horrific reality of police brutality in America, and its disproportionate effects on black bodies. The interview marked the first time that all four women came together on national television, highlighting the growing national discomfort with an insidious trend of violence towards black, brown and minority men and women at the hands of law enforcement officials, and the insufficiency of a legal system that seems unconcerned with their existence.


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Brooklyn Man Fatally Shot by Police Was Unarmed, Bratton Says

The two officers had taken the elevator to check out the roof and, shortly before midnight, they entered the eighth-floor stairwell to walk back down. The lights were not working, making it nearly impossible to see, so both officers took out their flashlights.

Officer Liang also drew his weapon, the police said.

At the same moment the officers started down the stairwell, Mr. Gurley and his girlfriend entered through a door on the seventh floor, fourteen concrete steps below the officers.

It was unclear why, but Officer Liang accidentally discharged his weapon and fired a single shot that struck Mr. Gurley in the chest.

The force of the blast sent Mr. Gurley tumbling down two flights of stairs, where his girlfriend knelt by his side. The officers, who briefly backed out of the stairwell, found her by Mr. Gurley’s side trying to save his life.

Mr. Gurley was taken to Brookdale Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Following standard protocol, Officer Liang was relieved of his gun and his badge.

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Los Angeles Police Department Fires Detective Over Racially-Charged Recordings

LAPD Det. Frank Lyga. (KTLA)


Lyga said. “I could have killed a whole truckload of them and I would have been happy doing it.”


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Cop Allows K-9 to Maul Handcuffed, Face Down Suspect, Then Blames it On Him


Green Forest, AR — A disturbing body cam video was uploaded to Facebook Thursday which shows a Green Forest police officer let go of his K-9 after other officers had a suspect face down and in handcuffs.

The graphic video does not lie.
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-k-9-maul-handcuffed-face-suspect-blames/#uTPPKodLXQsiblWK.99


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Destructive Delay, written by Tania Unzueta and co-authored by B. Loewe, illuminates the inhumane interior Immigration and Customs Enforcement practices that continue unabated while the President postpones action and it highlights the human cost of the delay. The key findings shed light on an agency driven by one calculated mission, to meet a draconian deportation quota, regardless of the costs to public safety, institutional integrity, moral or constitutional considerations.

Through almost three dozen interviews with front-line organizers, legal experts, and people in deportation proceedings, Destructive Delay collects previously disparate and disconnected stories of the lived experience of ICE enforcement activity into a single document. The report provides real-life context for the rhetoric of the debate and gives an inside look into how immigration policy is actually working on the ground.


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