The Late Show Video – Dr. Cornel West Interview, Part 1 – David Letterman

The author of “Black Prophetic Fire” talks about the civil rights movement, President Obama and more.



Dr. West, the master of speaking truth to power and the master of oratory that gets straight to the heart of deep and pressing matters.


NYPD To Reform Stop And Frisk In NYC Public Housing


New York City has agreed to reform stop and frisk police procedures in NYCHA public housing, the New York Daily News reports.
The agreement stems from Davis v. City Of New York, a class action lawsuit that NYCHA residents filed against the city over questionable stops and arrests in housing projects by NYPD officers five years ago.
Per the decision, a court-appointed federal monitor will supervise a training manual and procedure overhaul for cops patrolling public housing.
Now, officers who stop people in NYCHA properties must files reports documenting and justifying the encounter. However, the agreement does not discuss whether officers can use their weapons during the stop.
The ruling comes less than a month after a rookie cop accidentally shot and killed Akai Gurley in East New York’s Pink Houses. Officer Peter Liang was patrolling a dark stairwell in the area when he claims Gurley startled him coming down.


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Sounds like progress. I don’t know how the harassment was allowed in the first place.


The Tarnished History and Image of Police Departments

Long before there was a police force in America, there were sheriffs. The office of sheriff has its roots in 9th century England. According to the National Law Enforcement Museum, the early policing system was modeled after the English structure, which incorporated the watch, constables, and sheriffs (derived from the British term, “shire-reeves”) in a community-based police organization. The British system developed from “kin policing” dating back to about 900 A.D., in which law enforcement power was in the people’s hands, and they were responsible for their families or “kin.”) Early law enforcement was reactionary, rather than pre-emptive—the watch usually responded to criminal behavior only when requested by victims or witnesses.

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Looking Back At Ferguson In 2014: ‘We Still Have A Very Long Way To Go’ [AUDIO]

In this on-air interview with Emanuele Berry, Brittany Packnett, Johnetta Elzie, Patricia Bynes and Rev. F. Willis Johnson STL Public Radio host Don Marsh asked difficult questions to activists and community leaders from St. Louis about what they’ve learned over the past 140+ days.”

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Nemequene Tundama in solidarity with #Ferguson. Also, how identity labels connect you to your land.

Nemequene Tundama of the Mexica Movement London Chapter speaking at Uhuru’s protest outside the US embassy in London in support of the people of Ferguson and Mike Brown.



Cop Threatens Charges If Man ‘Posts Video On YouTube,’ Man Posts Video On YouTube

“If I See You Post This On YouTube, I’ll Find A Way For The D.A.’s Office To Arrest You” Chris | InformationLiberation A camera-shy New York State trooper threatened to “find a way” to arrest a man if he posted video of the officer conducting a routine traffic stop to YouTube. Predictably, the video was…



Note: Since we have the right to remain silent, we can always ask if we are being detained. If we are not being detained, we can ask if we are free to go.


Cops Profile and Tramatize Innoncent Black Mother

What These Cops Do to This Black Mother and Her Young Children Is Past Despicable



Imagine if the child had a cell phone in his hand. The police may have shot him.


Tamir Rice’s family asks City of Cleveland, police to release video of fatal shooting


Tamir Rice (age 12)


Rice’s parents on Tuesday sent a letter through attorneys Tim Kucharski and David Malik to Mayor Frank Jackson and the Cleveland Division of Police asking for the release of the video, which police said depicts one of their rookie officers shoot Rice twice after he pulled a replica gun from his waistband.


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style guide: racial language


General rules I currently try to follow (click on links for further discussion):




This article sheds light on why many are nervous to talk about race.


They are scared they may say something offensive.


Learning from this post can provide a lot of help to not be offensive.


Avoiding the topic of race, culture and ethnicity does not help move the country toward racial justice, dignity and respect.


Avoiding the topic of oppression keeps the oppression firmly in place.