Explains how disorders such as autism in society is handled differently because of race

Why Are Mexican Teachers Under Fire for Protesting Education Reform? #Oaxaca

Why Are Mexican Teachers Under Fire for Protesting Education Reform? #Oaxaca

This has been escalating and should be getting more coverage. #Oaxaca https://t.co/PeABrzmukG

— Rosa Linda Medina (@FunkyKoldMedina) June 24, 2016

"Police: remember who taught you to read" Photo: SayakValencia #Oaxaca #OaxacaResiste pic.twitter.com/jwCCxFWqbJ

— Anonymous (@YourAnonGlobal) June 24, 2016

"Teachersshould know that they are not alone, that we know that reason and truth are on their side" https://t.co/ks27ZjHQjU#Oaxaca

— Anonymous (@YourAnonGlobal) June 23, 2016

SCOTUS decisions, immigration, and #BeckyWithTheBadGrades

SCOTUS decisions, immigration, and #BeckyWithTheBadGrades

The #SCOTUS deadlock on immigration case affects millions of unauthorized immigrants https://t.co/ovOJcdfNJB

— The New York Times (@nytimes) June 23, 2016

Immigration activist Josefina Mora: #SCOTUS DAPA decision "representsthe racism that this country was founded on" pic.twitter.com/pl113hmt4A

— Democracy Now! (@democracynow) June 24, 2016

Today's front page…
TEARS FOR FEARS: SCOTUS immigration ruling puts millions in limbo https://t.co/ahw4R9bqby pic.twitter.com/cLLnOk2RGz

— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) June 24, 2016

SCOTUS decision is a massive blow to mediocre white people coasting on privilege https://t.co/RUDuYnHWHA

— Salon.com (@Salon) June 24, 2016

SCOTUS shuts down the woman who said she got rejected from college because she's white #BeckyWithTheBadGrades https://t.co/2JzkQ6JN6N

— NowThis(@nowthisnews) June 24, 2016

When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression. #beckywiththebadgrades

— Brandon For Bernie (@brandon2479) June 24, 2016

I want #scotus ruling to lead to discussion of how white women benefit from "inclusion"intiativesAND white supremacy #beckywiththebadgrades

— OriginalRudeGyal(@Blackamazon) June 23, 2016

School bullies come in many forms.

School bullies come in many forms.

Mistrial Declared On Hate Crime Charges

Three students were charged in a high-profile 2013 hate crime case at San Jose State University. They were also charged with battery for putting a bike lock around the neck Donald Williams Jr. a Black freshman. All three were found guilty of misdemeanor battery. They can serve up to six months in jail.  One has escaped conviction on the hate crime charge, and the jury hung on deciding the fate of the two others. A fourth student has been charged as a juvenile in the case. There is no available information on that case.


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The Event: How Racist Are You? with Jane Elliott (FULL)

Are we all more racist than we realise or would like to admit?

For this Channel 4 documentary Jane Elliott, a controversial former schoolteacher from Ohio, is recreating the shocking exercise she used forty years ago to teach her nine year-old pupils about prejudice.

Elliott is asking thirty adult British volunteers – men and women of different ages and backgrounds – to experience inequality based on their eye colour to show how susceptible we can all be to bigotry, and what it feels like to be on the other side of arbitrary discrimination.

Does Elliott’s exercise still have something to teach us four decades on and in a different country? Presented by Krishnan Guru-Murthy, the exercise is observed throughout by two expert psychologists, Prof Dominic Abrams and Dr Funké Baffour, who will be unpicking the behaviour on display.

First shown on Channel 4, Thursday 29 October 2009.

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Blacks In U.S. Deserve Reparations Says U.N. Delegation

A panel of representatives from the U.N. Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent listen to residents during a session at Chicago State University. Photo: Saidia Therapylady


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Just Mercy: Race and the Criminal Justice System by Stanford Alumni Association [VIDEO]

Watch Stanford Alumni Association’s 1/13 Just Mercy: Race and the Criminal Justice System on Livestream.com. Roundtable conversation featuring Bryan Stevenson, Jennifer Eberhardt, Gary Segura, Robert Weisberg, JD ’79, and Katie Couric. OpenXChange is a year-long, student-focused initiative on campus that aims to encourage meaningful dialogue around tough issues. This is the first in a series of discussions with Stanford faculty and global experts on criminal justice, inequality and international conflict.

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Bryan Stevenson is a power house for social justice. He’s a defense attorney and author with 21 honorary doctorate degrees. Listen closely to what he’s telling us. The auditorium was packed, including the overflow room. I was sent away with this link to the live stream.

School Cop “Acted Within Policy” When He Choked & Body Slammed a 14-yo Boy on Video

Round Rock, TX — A decision to clear a cop of all wrongdoing after he choked out and body slammed a 14-year-old boy has the community up in arms.
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#BlackOnCampus (2015) is a Twitter hashtag that went viral this week in the wake of protests against racism at US universities – Yale, Mizzou and, now, at Ithaca College. In all three cases, those in authority refused to face up to the racism at their universities.

Racism at universities is nothing new:
 PWIs (Predominately White Institutions) have always been racist. First by not admitting Blacks at all, then by making them and other students of colour feel unwelcomed and unsafe, turning a blind eye to the racism they face, writing it off as “isolated incidents”, being “oversensitive” and so on.

Black Twitter weighs in:


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