Unsafe Places for People of Color


Where can a person of color be safe?

List of places where it is unsafe to be a person of color. 

Home? nope

Church? nope

Hospital? nope

School? nope

Walking home? nope

Playing? nope

Pool Party? nope

Driving? nope

Holding a gun in an open carry state? nope

Standing? nope

Working? nope



Which Race did Los Angeles Cops Shoot most between 2011-2015

Los Angeles police will shoot you quick if you are Latino or Black.



White people make up the largest population in Los Angeles, but police are not quick to shoot White people.


Los Angeles population by race

There Have Been 30,000 Reported Shootings in 2015. How Many Happened In Your Neighborhood?

A map of shootings in America.

Update, Dec. 31, 2015: The map has been updated to show all recorded shootings in 2015


In relentless succession, a parade of towns and cities has this year joined the ranks of American mass shooting locations.


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Man puts on bullet proof vest then kills neighbor

Police in Maryland Heights, Missouri reported that 26 year-old James C. Blanton shot and killed 35 year-old Yi-Ping “Peter” Chang on the afternoon of December 13, when he knocked on Chang’s door complaining about “loud bass music”.


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#GunViolence Tweets 12.22

#GunViolence Tweets 12.22

Former top Australian official calls for travel warning to U.S. due to gun violence

“It’s time to call out the U.S.A.,” Tim Fischer said.

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We decide how much violence and murder is acceptable. Our culture, U.S. culture decides. – @getgln