History of Racist Ideas

Racist Ideas

  • White people have no soul
  • Black people have no intellect

Therefore White people need to get their soul from Black people and Black people need to get their intellect from White people.

This one of hundreds of examples of racist ideas exposed in the book “Stamped from the Beginning”, by Ibram X. Kendi

U.S. Mass Racial Profiling

U.S. Mass Deportations

Quantity Years President Name
60% were U.S. citizens
1929-1936 Herbert Hoover Mexican Repatriation
2.5 million 2008-2016 Barack Obama  
TBD 2017- Donald Trump  


U.S. Mass Round ups

Dehumanizing treatment of (im)migrants in Trump’s America

The War on Drugs

War on Drugs is War on People

War on Drugs is War on People

Unsafe Places for People of Color


Where can a person of color be safe?

List of places where it is unsafe to be a person of color. 

Home? nope

Church? nope

Hospital? nope

School? nope

Walking home? nope

Playing? nope

Pool Party? nope

Driving? nope

Holding a gun in an open carry state? nope

Standing? nope

Working? nope