The War on Drugs

War on Drugs is War on People

War on Drugs is War on People

25 SOLUTIONS for police brutality by Shaun King

Solutions for Police Brutality

Unsafe Places for People of Color


Where can a person of color be safe?

List of places where it is unsafe to be a person of color. 

Home? nope

Church? nope

Hospital? nope

School? nope

Walking home? nope

Playing? nope

Pool Party? nope

Driving? nope

Holding a gun in an open carry state? nope

Standing? nope

Working? nope

How Trump (and racism) Fester Hate

One way manipulation and racism works is by flipping the script.

When the U.S. border patrol actually kills Mexican migrants, Trump flips the script by using the words “killing us” as in Mexicans are killing us. I know he means it as a figure of speech, but the word play he uses is a constant manipulation of sentiment put into the public at large.

Ralph Lauren’s “Racist Ads”

So Ralph Lauren, the serial cultural appropriator of all things Native American, is in trouble once again. Lauren has given offense to Native Americans before with his inappropriate uses of war bonnets and eagle feathers. There was also that time he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, showing off his absurdly fetishized and culturally mangled collection of “Navajo stuff” in the five “hand painted” teepees he maintains as extravagantly outfitted guest quarters on his Colorado ranch.

Now, Lauren has found a new way to appropriate Native culture, while inflicting real psychic harm on Native people at the same time; reinscribe the historical trauma of a 19th century-originated genocidal policy of forced cultural assimilation and massive dispossession of tribal lands upon them by using the frozen images of their dead relatives in faux-assimilationist pose.

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Nemequene Tundama in solidarity with #Ferguson. Also, how identity labels connect you to your land.

Nemequene Tundama of the Mexica Movement London Chapter speaking at Uhuru’s protest outside the US embassy in London in support of the people of Ferguson and Mike Brown.