VIDEO: Cops Brutalize Triple Amputee, Remove his Prosthetic Limbs, then Leave Him Stranded

Police thought this man was hiding something under his pants, turns out it was his prosthetic legs.

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Powerful lesson of when #Ableism and #Racism meet.


This is why social justice activist keep trying to explain the compounding oppressions of #Intersectionalism


PS – How do you reassemble yourself and put your pants back on (in public) when you have one hand?


Cops humiliate this man and then leave without helping him.

Virginia Man Exonerated For NYC Killing 50 Years Later

Paul Gatling tries to hold back tears as he is exonerated, Monday, May 2, 2016, in New York City. Gatling, now 81, was 29 when he was wrongfully convicted of the murder of Lawrence Rothbort in his Brooklyn home in 1963. The decorated Korean War vet was grilled by detectives until he confessed to avoid the electric chair. However, there was always something strange about the case, such as Rothbort’s wife could not immediately pick him out of a police line-up. Gatling stated, “I was a young black man. With the white, pregnant wife in front of an all-white jury pointing me out, it was over.” Gatling said that “Most of all, I want to vote before I die”. A right he was denied even though he was release from prison in 1974, after his sentence was commuted.

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