Dr. Frances Welsing debates William Shockley (1974)

This debate takes place on the black journal hosted by Tony Brown 1974

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

Racist William Shockley floats the idea that people should be given a monetary incentive to sterilize themselves.

His idea didn’t go over well because it was likened to Hitler’s way of thinking.

You only need to watch up to 19:47 and you will feel sick.

What’s evern worse, he was a nobel prize winner and he had the ear of many people.

Now in 2016 we don’t have a monetary incentive for people to sterilize themselves, but instead we have

  • Mass incarceration which separates male and female people during the prime of their life. (New Jim Crow)
  • Planned Parenthood centers located in primarily Black and Latino neighborhoods 


The racist Shockley got what he was seeking by floating his racist ideas to the racists in power who could implement his racist agenda.