Praying for all Muslims in western nations who are about to be victims of islamophobia.

.@familyunequal and I find high levels of Islamaphobiaamong Trump supporters.

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Politics and Policy

"Currentpolitics serves us a mountain of bureaucratic jargon." How we can fix that:

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Your story matters: Josefina Lopez at TEDxBoyleHeights 2014

Josefina fervently believes that to WRITE is how we become visible.

Tell your own story, be the protagonist of your life, otherwise, you will be invisible. Words matter, the pages you will write them in will take your pain away and elevate your presence!

Her Story and His story matter.

Josefina is an award winning playwright and screenwriter, independent film producer, and community theatre founder. Josefina has won several awards including a Gabriel García Márquez award from Mayor of Los Angeles in 2003. After having over 100 productions of her plays throughout the United States, Josefina López is one of today’s preeminent Chicana writers.

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The author of “Real Women Have Curves” grew up undocumented. Here is her story. 

What white-supremacist tattoos on PBS say about the media’s failures to cover racism

by aboriginalpress


[PBS adds editor’s note to address controversial tattoos of Trump-supporting North Carolina subject]

In an edited but in-their-own-voices-style report on a family of North Carolina Donald Trump supporters, the NewsHour aired an interview with one Grace Tilly. Tilly, a 33-year-old white woman who told producers that the Trump campaign has compelled her for the first time in her life to vote, is also a Trump campaign volunteer. (A video of the NewsHour segment in question can be found here. Click to view it.)

That, no matter one’s personal political views, is fundamentally important to process and understand. That’s arguably pretty darn interesting too. After all, white voters like Tilly have participated in presidential elections with steadily decreasing frequency since  2006.

What white-supremacist tattoos on PBS say about the media’s failures to cover racism – The Washington Post

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The 88 is shorthand for the 8th letter of the alphabet twice, HH, which represents Heil Hitler.

Black Waitress Sent Home Because Her Natural Hair “Didn’t Go Down”

Agyemfra’s story has inspired many to boycott the restaurant and question why the young woman’s hair was scrutinized.

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“the chain’s policy dictates that waitresses wear their hair down”

Company makes a rule about hair (with no consideration for black hair), then they hire a Black person, then they fire them when their hair does not comply with the company hair rules.


To all companies and all schools >> Black hair is tall, not long.


If your company or school has a racist hair policy, change the racist hair policy.